That’s what I said.  When BHO goes on the ’09 Spring European Tour and lets the world know what a fool he is and how bad the U.S. is, well…….it just isn’t his fault.  WE knew this from the beginning and Barak is just being his foolish self.  I mean really; is anyone shocked about his daily retorts, gaffs, no-class style and his John Wayne swagger (my humble apologies to the Duke and his kin)?  Those with intelligence knew what we would get if he were elected.  No, it wasn’t his fault.

It was the fault of the Obama-mites that set this scurge upon the planet.  Yes, those brainless wonders whose IQ’s are stamped in every pair of shoes made (American or European-doesn’t matter).  Do you think anyone in their right mind nominated McCain for the GOP candidate?  Do you think anyone really believed that BHO could deliver the change that he was talking about without destroying the American economy and way of life?  Do you really think that Americans wanted nothing more than to see My Belle Michele’s armpits at every event conceivable?  No, it was the brainless, witless Obama-mites that did this to the world.  And do they have an excuse?  The answer is YES!!!!!!!  One word-HULU!

Check this out!  You will see that it came from the aquisition of a Chinese company.  It started at the same time as BHO’s prodding to run for president.  It is owned by news organizations.  And as the advertisement says, “we’re aliens.  And we are turning your gray matter into goo so that we can eat it up”.  We have seen that those that voted Obama are brainless (corpses, mental deficients or just brain-dead) and sucked up all that alien crap till their brain-matter was goo.  After all, like the website says “In Swahili, Hulu means, among other things, both “cease” and “desist.”  It also gives other cute meanings in other languages; none of it good.  They were not in a correct state of mind when they voted and, since there is no recovery, don’t know the problem that they have caused.

Next time you want to blame Barak for something just pause and think back before he was elected.  If you remember that that was the way he was then, well, it isn’t his fault.  It is the Obama-mites and HULU!