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Rick Sincere has the video of the best speech of the Convention and probably the best speech a number of the attendees had ever seen.

As is typical of handheld camcorders, the audio is passable – Rick is off to the side and there is a wicked echo. The RPV must have something high quality tied directly into the PA system and let’s hope they can manage to get it posted soon.

But Rick has done us all a great service by getting this uploaded.

From the way the ambient sound dies after the first few minutes you get a real sense of how this kid transfixed the crowd once they realized what was taking place. Bravo, Rick Sincere.

I  was outside for over half of it, and when I got to my seat my wife said “If they change the rules about birthplace he is going to be elected president.” The fact that it occurred while the votes were being tallied, and the general perception was the RPV was just killing time, meant expectations were EXTREMELY low when Adnan took the stage. Many delegates were in their seats only because it was hot and humid outside.

You can just imagine the change in mood that swept the Coliseum.

UPDATE: Hey here’s an idea. Considering the similarities in their backgrounds and the fact neither is legally eligible to hold the office of U.S. president, would it not be great to have a debate on what it means to be American, with Adnan Barqawi facing off against the dipshit in the White House? I’d pay real money to see that take place.

All the good TV shows are over and the Tour de France is over a month away, so I will do my best to get back into entertainment mode for you.

To kick off the summer, check out this bit of comedy gold. Hint: Do not have liquids in your mouth around 1:45 in.

The 2009 Republican Party of Virginia Convention served as a milestone for many Virginia conservatives, as the only true contest anyone really cared about was a resounding success for those who want to see conservative principles rebound in the Commonwealth, and who saw Ken Cuccinelli as the standard bearer for those principles.

Ken Cuccinelli Speech At Republican Party of Virginia 2009 Convention from Joe Budzinski on Vimeo.

For the record, Ken Cuccinelli’s speech for attorney general nomination was much better than the speeches of either of his opponents. They were not even in the same ballpark.

Bob McDonnell was uncontested for nomination for governor; Bill Bolling was barely contested for nomination for Lieutenant Governor; the RPV Chairman race was between a guy who really knew how to give a speech and a guy who sounded like he was reading from his shopping list at Barnes and Noble.

This Convention was all about the race for nomination for attorney general, and Ken Cuccinelli won after the first ballot with at least 51% of the vote over the combined vote totals of John Brownlee and Dave Foster. That race was the only reason I and a whole bunch of people I talked to even bothered to make the trip down to Richmond on a beautiful Saturday, and thank goodness Ken won.

The bottom line message to take away from this event: Conservatives, don’t give up. While it might be too early to say a new day is dawning, the sun is definitely peeking over the horizon. We have a candidate we can go to the well for in the coming months. You might have reservations about Bob McDonnell, but Ken Cuccinelli is someone who can really make a difference for our nation. I will see you all out on the campaign trail.

Besides me and the lovely Linda B, NVTH friends I talked to in Richmond included: ACTivist, Blog Fu, Brian Withnell, Bulletproof Monk, Cathy Mac, Donny Ferguson, Eve Barner, Mark Sell, G. Stone, Jacob, Jane, Loudoun Insider, along with illustrious Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (for whom I was wearing the traditional orange ball cap in solemn camaraderie), and blogfather John of Loudoun. And frankly, the Convention was just so packed with people it was nearly impossible to find anyone so I don’t think I saw a fraction of the people I knew there.

Bad for networking but FANTASTIC for Republican prospects in upcoming elections.

My Twitter comments from the Convention are here. Photos and more comments are below the fold.

By the way, a major highlight of the Convention was a speech by a Virginia Tech cadet which I missed most of. As soon as that video is posted I will link to it. It was not just a “good speech,” it was a seminal event in Virginia political culture. When someone gets it uploaded somewhere it will be a new post here. It is going to be one of the great political video clips of all time.
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Catholic League President Bill Donohue is someone whose opinion all conservatives should note, and he makes the case that hair-trigger opposition to President Obama’s nominee to the US Supreme Court may be mistaken:

“I wish I knew more about her. But from what we know, it looks like she’ll be at least a wash with Souter, and maybe we’ll even see improvement.”

He noted that while Judge Sotomayor’s record on abortion-related cases is thin and tangential — a challenge to policies on U.S. aid to international family-planning groups and a decision about the free-speech rights of abortion protesters — but she has backed the legal claims of pro-lifers.

“She’s [also] been pretty good on religious liberty cases” and “doesn’t hold any animus on religion” either in her decisions or her known public remarks, he said. “She said it was wrong to prohibit a menorah on public ground; I like that. She talks about the religious rights of prisoners; I like that too.”

Donohue goes on to note that Obama’s next best choice may be far worse from a conservative perspective – an opinion I’ve seen expressed elsewhere. A next potential Obama nominee is Diane Wood, who pro-lifers should view with much greater apprehension.

ACTivist tells me I will be lucky to get to Richmond at all because I drive like an old lady, but assuming our posse makes it to the Republican Party of Virginia Convention tomorrow I will attempt some interaction from the Convention floor. For one, I will be sending Twitter updates which you can find by clicking here (or just scroll to the bottom of the right sidebar).

Unfortunately, I will be sending them from my cell phone. Here is what it is like to compose for Twitter on a cell phone:

dink dink dink dink dink dink dink dink dink dink dink

That just spelled the word “the”

So naturally, my patience really runs out quick when I am trying to report anything via Twitter, especially when I am not drinking, which I won’t be tomorrow. But I’ll also be getting some video, audio, photos, and if there is anything interesting I’ll try to post it here by tomorrow night. That, as we all know, is a big “if.”

I’m sure I will see some of you all down there. Stone – check. Monk – check. LI – check. Jacob – check. Grigsby – check. Wolv, are you going to come out? Linda B will be there but one hot momma is surely not enough: Cmac, I’m talkin’ to you. Hey how about you Sophrosyne, where the hell have you been. Singleton? Anyone else?

This from the Politico (so it MUST be true) made me roll.  It seems that Nader is accusing McAuliffe of bribing him during the 2004 Presidential race to drop out of key contested states so that Kerry could sail thru and win (that worked, didn’t it?)  What really cracked me up-besides the denials-was the line at the end of the article: 

“I don’t think most Virginians are interested in looking backwards, and I don’t think they have much interest in Ralph Nader’s attempts to grab headlines. They care about who’s going to get our economy back on track.”

And who are they referring to?  Another Dem in line with the current administrations way of thinking?  My sides hurt.  Please make it stop!

I just couldn’t help myself.  I just read a wonderful article in America’s 1st Freedom with Chris Cox and Chuck Norris.  Norris talks about getting to the youngins (similar to what Obama did) for the next generation constitutional voters.  The article is great and it refers back to an ad that ran during the last election which you can see here.  Notice the sign in the video?  It reads “We don’t dial 911″ and the amplified theme is to check the voting record of candidates.  Gun-ban Bob is one of those.  Think of it this way-when the crap hits the fan and the U.S. is in total anarchy, which are you going to rely on; a politician or your firearm?  Nuff said!