After hearing the “John L. Brownlee” robocall on our machine tonight, my reaction was exactly that of Nova Conservative: It had to come from the Foster campaign because it fits with the argument of the comparison piece mailing we all received last week, and why would Cuccinelli need to do it? And being totally illegal – the sponsor was not identified in the call – it seems more like what you’d get from the last place campaign than the leader.

Or it could’ve just been some third party with an agenda. And a sense of humor. Call me irreverent, but politics gets pretty boring to me and stuff like this cracks me up. My only question is, since it was an illegal call, could I get in trouble by posting the audio? I was a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan and this robocall was definitely in the “Plan 9 From Outer Space” league of political agitprop. I so very much want to let the world hear it.