Rick Sincere has the video of the best speech of the Convention and probably the best speech a number of the attendees had ever seen.

As is typical of handheld camcorders, the audio is passable – Rick is off to the side and there is a wicked echo. The RPV must have something high quality tied directly into the PA system and let’s hope they can manage to get it posted soon.

But Rick has done us all a great service by getting this uploaded.

From the way the ambient sound dies after the first few minutes you get a real sense of how this kid transfixed the crowd once they realized what was taking place. Bravo, Rick Sincere.

I  was outside for over half of it, and when I got to my seat my wife said “If they change the rules about birthplace he is going to be elected president.” The fact that it occurred while the votes were being tallied, and the general perception was the RPV was just killing time, meant expectations were EXTREMELY low when Adnan took the stage. Many delegates were in their seats only because it was hot and humid outside.

You can just imagine the change in mood that swept the Coliseum.

UPDATE: Hey here’s an idea. Considering the similarities in their backgrounds and the fact neither is legally eligible to hold the office of U.S. president, would it not be great to have a debate on what it means to be American, with Adnan Barqawi facing off against the dipshit in the White House? I’d pay real money to see that take place.