Catholic League President Bill Donohue is someone whose opinion all conservatives should note, and he makes the case that hair-trigger opposition to President Obama’s nominee to the US Supreme Court may be mistaken:

“I wish I knew more about her. But from what we know, it looks like she’ll be at least a wash with Souter, and maybe we’ll even see improvement.”

He noted that while Judge Sotomayor’s record on abortion-related cases is thin and tangential — a challenge to policies on U.S. aid to international family-planning groups and a decision about the free-speech rights of abortion protesters — but she has backed the legal claims of pro-lifers.

“She’s [also] been pretty good on religious liberty cases” and “doesn’t hold any animus on religion” either in her decisions or her known public remarks, he said. “She said it was wrong to prohibit a menorah on public ground; I like that. She talks about the religious rights of prisoners; I like that too.”

Donohue goes on to note that Obama’s next best choice may be far worse from a conservative perspective – an opinion I’ve seen expressed elsewhere. A next potential Obama nominee is Diane Wood, who pro-lifers should view with much greater apprehension.