It appears that Obama, who when he was a candidate thought there were 57 states in the US, has now declared Putin president of Russia.  I am sure Medvedev does not mind.  Really.  Unlike a good ol’ fashioned Bushism, an Obama misstep this is not worthy of mention at the New York Times, or any NBC outlet, etc.  This kind of blithering or faux pas was parroted by the MSM  ad nauseum to drive home the point that Bush is an idiot — despite the fact that his grades were higher than either of his presidential electoral opponents.  Both of whom the media declared intellectual paragons: Kerry was the nuanced war hero who survived being shot three times by 50 cal fire; Gore was a scientist.

This is but another example of the media fawning over the Democrat in the office.  If there is a negative story, run it if you must, but do so in the least damaging way.  If the politician in question is a Republican, hammer them with all the innuendo and viciousness possible, and, repeat as often as needed until the maximum damage possible is done.  Identify them as Republican of course, but, if the scandal involves a Democrat, the party affiliation is not needed.

This is why MSM is bleeding money like a stuck pig.  People know the difference between  news and propaganda. MSM has morphed over the years into a brigade of water carriers for the Democrat party.  90% of them have never voted Republican ever.  In an attempt to mask their rank partisanship– they declare they are listed as independents on the voter rolls; all the while rooting for the left.  When people protest against the policy’s of the left, the “reporters” shout them down and echo the Democrat party line while declaring they are objective; this is the pathetic current posture of our fourth estate.  The giggle factor shoots through the roof when Obama laments how one out of all the media outlets is not sycophantic; this is really terrifying because none of the media outlet should be sycophantic but Obama does not realize it.

The American people have been harmed by this media.  We deserve better.  For this great republic to continue we need a media that harbors no favoritism.  This is impossible at the individual level.  The media at large must be representative of the views of the whole country.  If we were to have a robust fourth estate, we would actually see some policing of both parties.  We would see policy that was actually beneficial to the whole country.  Both parties could stop in their mutual race to the intellectual and ethical nadir.  Barney Frank belongs in a cell.  The members of the Obama administration who entertained paying the Washington Post for access should be under investigation.  The bills the congress is passing would be read, reasoned over and debated.

The emperor has no clothes.  It is a pathetic spectacle.