If at the time of our elections for national office every couple years you, like me, survey the landscape and say “how in the hell did we end up with this gaggle of losers to choose from?” – I encourage you to send a donation to Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign for Virginia Attorney General before the end of the business day tomorrow, Monday August 31.

Do it. Just send a donation of whatever you think you can afford, be it $25 or $250.

Money he receives by tomorrow will show up on the Sept. 15 campaign finance report, which is a powerful pump primer for inspiring people to send him even more money in the two-month run up to the November election. Potential donors will be influenced by his fundraising total reflected in the Sept. 15 report, so let’s do everything to ensure EVERYONE knows Ken is on a roll.

The only way we get good national candidates is by first promoting good local and state candidates. As you well know, this happens far, far too infrequently.

But this is beginning to look like a good potential year for conservative candidates – the true face of liberalism has sent a shudder down the collective spine of the American people, and the only thing that will threaten Ken’s ascendacy to the next stepping-stone will be if he is hugely outspent by his Democrat challenger who is likely to garner piles of cash from out-of-state liberal interest groups.

Years from now when your grandchild is on your knee asking “What did you do when a true conservative like Ken Cuccinelli was climbing the ladder to higher office?” I don’t want you to have to answer “I was shoveling shit in Louisiana.”

Help make a difference. Send Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign some money. This is a singular opportunity.