Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and his advocacy organization Public Advocate of the United States were active all over Northern Virginia today registering concern over President Obama’s speech tomorrow which will be broadcast from Wakefield High School and piped into classrooms throughout the U.S.




More photos here.

There was a reported argument with Obama supporters at one of the locations today and local news outfits were on hand; no word yet on whether there will be any footage tonight. But it’s safe to assume the controversy will continue tomorrow when President Obama shows up at Wakefield.

I’ve heard that local TV news ran a short segment with Sterling School Board Member Warren Guerin also expressing reservations about tomorrow’s broadcast.

Whatever the result in the TV and print media, congrats to Supervisor Delgaudio and Board Member Guerin for taking a public, principled stand.

UPDATE:  Freepers invited to join in tomorrow.

UPDATE II: And for those with very short memories, let’s recall why there might be concerns about this particular president addressing school kids:

Lesson plans sent out in advance of the speech asked students to consider what they could do to “help the president.” The words helped ignite a political firestorm in which conservative critics accused the White House of trying to indoctrinate children to Obama’s political agenda.

If I still had children in school I sure as heck would not want them hearing how they can help this bozo bankrupt our country and destroy our health care system.

UPDATE III: Public Advocate To Protest President Obama Tuesday Morning:

ublic Advocate volunteers will protest President Barack Obama on Tuesday morning September 8 prior to his speech at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia.

Public Advocate volunteers will hold banners that state “Mr. President, Stay Away from our kids” at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va.

The Schools address
Wakefield High School
4901 S. Chesterfield Rd.
Arlington, VA 22206

Public Advocate will locate their protest at Geoge Mason Drive and South Dinwiddie Street where a security checkpoint has been placed and barriers have been errected for protesters. PA will obey instructions from law enforcement representatives for security reasons.

Earlier, Public Advocate volunteers posted signs protesting the visit of President Barack Obama on Monday afternoon including Wakefield High School where the president will be Tuesday morning.

Signs that stated “Mr. President, Stay Away From Our Kids” were posted along Leesburg Pike, Route 50 Arlington Boulevard, and several area schools in Northern Virginia. Photos showing the signs posted at some of the hundreds of locations are posted here.

Two TV News Teams responded to counter protesters who objected to volunteers placing the signs on school property, volunteers who were posted dozens of signs and authorities who were called on the scene by school personell.

In interviews to reporters on the scene, PA president Eugene Delgaudio stated the groups purpose in placing signs:

“We speak this afternoon on behalf of citizens and children who can not speak out against the President’s plans by coming here to the location where the president is speaking.

We speak against the violation of federal law in using a federal agency to promote an agenda by instructing young children how to write letters to themselves about supporting the president’s policies. And the president and his allies have bullied America’s schools to pull this off, ” said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

20 PHOTOS “Stay Away Obama” Signs Posted All over Arlington and Fairfax

Photo Of Signs at Wakefield HS, site of President’s Address

Photo of Signs at Wakefield HS, front

UPDATE IV: Pretty good coverage of Supervisor Delgaudio in the Washington Post. (thanks to Lovisa for the tip)