Now that the dust has had a chance to settle after Barak Obama’s highly partisan speech Wednesday night – in which he belittled all opponents of the Democrat “health reform” legislation while offering exactly zero specific answers of his own – I am thinking about the impertinent moment caused by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson.

And what I’m thinking is: Thank God for Joe Wilson.

I am thankful not only because Congressman Wilson had the gumption to say “You lie” when President Obama repeated the total mistruth that the Democrat plan supposedly would not provide U.S. taxpayer-funded health care to illegal aliens.

I thank Joe Wilson for distilling all of our objections to the proposals, and the rising anger and resentment of the tea parties and town halls from the far corners of our nation onto the singular national stage, and being willing to call out “BS” on the entire bill of goods that has been attempted to be shoved down our throats for the past few months.

We made the phone calls, and stood up and complained, and told our various representatives what we think in every little event in every little town – but when all the cameras were focused on one stage and every media outlet was listening for one hour throughout the country, Joe Wilson took the opportunity to sum it all up in one statement and deliver it for all the world to hear:

You lie.

It was the summation, the recap, the next logical step in what the American people have been expressing all summer long. And let’s hope it serves as a springboard and style sheet for how the American people go forward.

If you want to thank Joe Wilson – and I believe you should – go to his Web site and hit the “Contribute” tab at the top, and send him a few dollars, whatever amount works for you.

But more importantly, realize that the battle against encroaching socialism, thievery and parasitism – in short, the moochers – has been engaged. Powers-that-be want to rob you blind, but there are people willing to stand up for you in the halls of power.

If you live in Virginia ( and frankly even if you don’t) one of the best of these is the guy I have been talking about here for years: Ken Cuccinelli. He is one of the best people and best candidates I’ve ever known, and in my view he is the top of the much-publicized Virginia ticket. If you ever wonder, aghast, how our country has fallen so far from the principles of our founders, you will find a refreshing ally in Ken Cuccinelli.

Americans have risen up against the thieves; Joe Wilson has voiced our concern; Ken Cuccinelli will be our next best hope for the future. Getting Ken into higher office will be the most significant possible outcome of the 2009 election season.

Send Ken Cuccinelli some money by clicking here.

Send Joe Wilson some money by clicking here.

UPDATE: And whaddaya know, in less than 48 hours Joe Wilson has reportedly raised $750,000. Let’s hope all those Republicans who sat meekly through the president’s load of hooey will learn something from this.