Yesterday’s videos and photos of walking around the 9-12 Project/ “Tea Party Express” demonstration in Washington DC give a decent sense of the size and composition of the crowd, and the general tenor of the afternoon.

(Press reports have the crowd up to 2 million people, although like all these DC marches it’s guesswork. In any case the size rivaled that of Barack Obama’s inauguration – which is fitting since this was like an inauguration, only in reverse.)

We had some discussion in yesterday’s thread about the message of the Tea Party demonstrators; after giving it some thought and reviewing the videos and photos, I think the overall theme was simply “it’s time to take our country back.”

With a sub theme of, “Barack Obama, you sure turned out to be somebody we do not want in the White House.”

See what you think.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain makes a good case for over a million people.