No doubt concerned about sullying the area behind the woodshed, Stacy McCain slaps down the ridiculous Charles “Bike Fairy” Johnson in full view of God and all the world right out in the sidewalk:

Clearly, the man has succumbed to a narcissistic personality trait that is all too common among weaklings. As his habit of successively banishing nearly all of his commenters clearly shows, Johnson is a control freak, incapable of tolerating disagreement. He will heed no counsel of caution and reacts with fury to the slightest hint of criticism. Trustful only of those who flatter him, he is suspicious of strangers and envious of the merits of others…

As our readers know, LGF became tiresome long ago.

Long before the advent of Twitter and Facebook, Charles had mastered telling day-to-day stuff nobody else could possibly give a rat’s ass about. Presumably he believed that assiduously reprinting news stories in toto earned him the indulgence to regale us with the miles he rode or photos of the beach while keeping us apprised of what happened to be playing on his stereo.

I am not going to even try to characterize Charles’ shtick of late, but it is along the lines of “I’m Charles, Take Me Seriously Whatever I Say Or You’re Banned.”

Now that our buddy Stacy has administered a spanking let’s hope he can turn his attention full bore to that segment of the world that matters. I think he even cracked Charles’ mirror, which is really going to leave a mark.