Well. What can I say. It was only a matter of time. Claiming repeatedly that everyone who opposed the government takeover of health care was a Republican Astro-Turfing Stooges did not work. Claiming the bill did not cover illegal aliens, offer abortion, limit real health care options when it did all of the above did not work either.

One of the big reasons is that even though the bill is close to a thousand pages long, enough people have read HR3200 to know better.  The bill needed amendments to close these loopholes.  The Democrats voted these amendments down.  Then the poor little dears had the nerve to look surprised when there where typically 1500 skeptical citizens coming to what once were sleepy affairs with 150 fans.  The citizens were not buying the Democrat talking points.  This really surprised the Democrats.

So the next response was to bring in thugs from SEIU.  That did not work out to well either because the Democrat media a.k.a. MSM does not have a lock on information anymore.  The end result was youtube was getting more news hits than the NY and LA times combined.  Now the Democrats are proposing legislation to bail out the NYT’s.

So out came the heavy artillery.  Obama.  Monday Obama night, Obama on Tuesday.  Wednesday was Prince Obama night.  Then more Obama on the Weekend.  Guess what?  The bloom is off that rose folks.   The pied piper came out.  Claimed everyone against him is lying, then giving NO real detail said this would be change.   We must hurry and pass the legislation NOW, so we can start rolling it into effect in 2013, or disaster will strike NOW.  That did not work out to well either.

Desperation setting in, the Democrats played their trump card.  James Earl Carter.  That is right.  James Earl Carter.  The political equivalent of PeeWee Herman.  You are all racists for opposing the government take over of 1/6 of the US economy said Carter, oh so convincingly, that overnight support for the bill dropped another 2%.  This tripe from an anti-semite who takes money under the table from the Saudis also did not appear to work out too well (Call it a stretch, but I am detecting a pattern here).  For those who support the president, I strongly recommend avoiding any further Obama-Carter linkages in the future; then again, it might just be me … naaggh.

The funniest part of the whole rant by the Democrat Congressman Grayson above is that there are not enough Republicans in either house to stop the bill.  So the trouble is some Democrats.  That is right.  While Republicans are against the Obamacare plan, some Democrats are also against the Obamacare plan.   But, the facts on the ground never deter a good socialist.  Alinsky said “Attack!”  So this idiots attacks, though he obviously knows not why.  If I had to guess, this will not work out to well.

The Democrat Congressman Grayson, just apologized:

“I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America,” Grayson said.

Six Million Jews are currently rolling over in their graves.  This is not going to work out too well.