The polling data looks good this Monday morning.  According to Public Policy Polling the three Republican candidates are up today.

Christie v. Corzine: 47 – 41
McDonnell v. Deeds: 56 – 42
Hoffman v. Owens: 51 – 34

It appears that the bloom is off the Rose for Obama, hailed as a moderate during the campaign, he has ruled as a extreme ideological leftist.  His administration took over two auto-companies and handed them over to the unions, overturning 200 years of bankruptcy law in the largest Union pay-off in American history.  Now Obama is trying to take over the medical services industry, with the vocal support of the Democrat party, and the tacit support of MSM.

America is still a center right country as the polls show there are twice as many conservatives as there are leftists.  God willing these polls are indicative of the results for tomorrow’s election.  God willing tomorrow’s elections will be indicative of what the Democrats are in store for next year.

The Republican’s candidates in each case have engaged in a message revolving around issues, be it transportation (VA), spending and lowering taxes (NJ), or the growth and reach of government (NY).  In VA and NJ the Democrats are leveling person attacks on their opponents, or, they are trying to use Obama’s personal popularity (~51%) to win.  The age of George Bush is over – the personal attacks and cult of personality may have lost their potency.

It’s about the role of government, stupid.

According to the Quinnipiac poll: Christie +2