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Get a Load of this Article:

Snowstorm squelches climate change protest

Judy Fahys

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 12/30/2009 06:36:58 PM MST

A downtown protest of the climate change talks in Copenhagen became a victim of Wednesday’s snowstorm.

“Not many people showed up because of the blizzard conditions,” said organizer Clea Major, an international studies student at the University of Utah.

The irony of it all is so sweet, one must see the hand of God in all this. This other Article make things even more problematic:

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

ScienceDaily (Dec. 31, 2009) — Most of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity does not remain in the atmosphere, but is instead absorbed by the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems. In fact, only about 45 percent of emitted carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere.

So if the CO2 level is not changing, why is the climate changing?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Inquiring minds want to also know how rich is Al Gore getting off his snake oil salesman routine.  Inquiring minds want to know if the watermelons who are running the AGW scam will ever have to face charges for inflicting this fraud on the people of the world.

Twas the night before New Year and all through the house,
I was playing grab-ass with Honey; after all, she is my spouse.
The champaign was chilling outside in the night air
Waiting for toasting, which would be the fare.

chasing honey

The kids are all grown and out on their own,
Leaving Honey and me to relax quite alone.
I asked, “What should we have-it is almost dinner”
The reply I did receive, “Something lite.  I want to be thinner”.

When under the deck there arose such a clatter,
Tis the possum, I thought, but what could be the matter?
I ran to the slider with Killer in tow
Though I might be seen, Rat-Dog profiled low.

The blue moon was up and the evening air cold,
Yet Killer was alert and running ever so bold.
She flew down the stairs and onto the ground
Towards an object that moved without making a sound.


My eyes started to focus on what was in sight,
“Tis an alien” I murmured with a bit of a fright.
Then as the image became incredibly clear
I realized my good fortune was ever so near.

It was a sea monster of enormous proportions.
I was in ecstacy-making all manner of contortions!
I yelled up to Mama “Our meal has been solved
For I’ll boil this thing up and it will evolve


Into a feast of a meal with trimmings and such.
I fear that it just may be a bit too much!”
I headed for the kitchen with dinner in hand,
Making sure his claw wore a large rubber band.


Tis a delight I will cook which I do once a year
To eat and then chill-just filled with good cheer.
So now I must prepare and without further ado
I say Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Year to you!

An editorial in the Washington Times by Alan Tonelson, Is Obama’s manufacturing fix too late?, focuses on our diminishing manufacturing capacity. Tonelson is “a research fellow at the U.S. Business and Industry Council, a national business organization whose nearly 1,900 members are mainly small- and medium-sized domestic manufacturers.” Naturally, he is concerned about our manufacturing capacity.

However, we are transitioning away from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy, and that is not so bad a thing. Many years ago, we moved from an agricultural economy to a manufacturing economy. That transition was painful for many, as most transitions are. But in general, it was a good thing.

Let us take a look at a mythical village, as its economy evolves. First, basic needs must be met. Food, water, and shelter. So, we locate our village where there is water, building materials, and cropland. We plant our crops, build our houses and barns, and dig our wells. Well, clothing would certainly be nice, so the women spin yarn and thread from the lambs’ wool, weave cloth, and sew clothes. Perhaps they make jackets and shoes of leather. Some are better at spinning than sewing, or better at knitting than weaving. Division of labor arises, as does trade between the women. The same occurs with the farmers. Some cropland is better for corn, some for wheat, and some for vegetables. So the farmers grow what they best can and trade for what others do better.

Things are going so well with this division of labor that not everyone is needed to grow food. But this prosperity has a downside. Farmers are going out of business because there is too much food. Some whine and complain, others become full-time manufacturers — cobblers, coopers, smiths, carpenters, etc. Still others become merchants — the middlemen between the farmers and manufacturers. This last group is the start of what Adam Smith called “unproductive labor.” He did not mean this in any pejorative sense, only that they did not produce anything. What they do is free up those who do produce so that they can produce more instead of spending their time trading what they produce for what they need or want.

Still others go into the service business. They cut your hair, give you a shave, shine your shoes, etc. There may not be any time-savings involved, but a pedicure sure is nice sometimes.

As our village increases productivity and population, more and more stuff is produced. The village produces plenty of food. Our villagers are getting obese! The general store (run by Sam Walton, of course), carries everything we need or want. Our village has grown to a town, but because of increased productivity, our one cobbler can still produce all the shoes we need, and our one blacksmith can still provide all of the horseshoes our horses need. So what will their children do for work? Some will invent more stuff that we decidee we need. Some will build and maintain storage for our stuff. But the majority will earn their living as servants.

This is not a bad thing, any more than it was bad for farmers to become manufacturers. Many people would rather have that pedicure every month, or have their house cleaned by someone else, than have more stuff.

We need only produce enough food to feed us, and stuff to satisfy our desires. Tonelson is focused on the stuff aspect of wealth, not the comfort aspect. It is a comfort not to have to clean one’s own house. So if one person in ten produces all the food we need, and a second all the stuff we need, what’s the problem with the other eight of us serving one another?



Barack Obama has been the best thing that could have happened to the Republican Party in general.

Now, it seems, he has been the one thing that could propel Sarah Palin into the role as a credible candidate for president.

But then a funny thing happened: In November, Mrs. Palin debuted her memoir “Going Rogue” with great sales, which was not a surprise, but also with a luminous and successful press tour, which was. The interviews she gave in promotion for her book (at least the ones that I saw) were much improved from those given during the 2008 presidential campaign. Palin seemed to speak about both herself and national issues with greater verve and confidence.

Other stars are aligning for Palin:

Several of her potential rivals for the 2012 Republican nomination find themselves suddenly, perhaps fatally, compromised by recent events.

Read it all.

Certainly the whole issue of “not ready for prime time” will have been eliminated by next year as it becomes painfully clear to the entire world that we just had a president who was not even ready for daytime soap commercials or Saturday morning cartoons.

Sarah does not have a very high bar to climb. From all appearances, she is exceeding the bar by a long shot.

One of the most interesting articles I’ve read recently on terrorism. What is obvious is that those that rule cannot deal with the obvious, but they can put in place rules that will do nothing to prevent bad things from happening. Preventing terror would be a lot easier if precautions were clear and logical. While there are some people that are terrorists that are not part of the Muslim world, and not all Muslims are terrorists, it seems that if you were interested in truly identifying terrorists with a limited amount of expense, then you would profile the most likely candidates and use those profiles for extra scrutiny, not make travel for all individuals more difficult and more restrictive.

The same is true for dealing with gun crimes. The idea that imposing gun restrictions will reduce violent crimes just doesn’t seem to make sense. Even in England, where guns are essentially outlawed, and have been for years now, violence has not decreased but increased. In places where gun control was loosened, there was not an increase in violence and crime, but a decrease. Yet the cry for more gun control, which will be ignored by criminals, is always raised when a high-profile crime occurs.

The real problem is that the sheep have no teeth. For some reason, people think that if the sheep have no teeth, they will be safe. It just isn’t true. With real sheep, the predators know that they will be able to take at least some of the sheep, but the sheep herd in order to make it harder to single one out (like fish in schools) and so that when one falls, the rest can get away. Not unlike the two men in the woods that see a bear and it starts to charge … one stops and quickly puts on running shoes, the other says: “That’s foolish … bears can out run you even if you wear running shoes.” The first replies: “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you.” We are acting like sheep. Instead of running away and hoping we can outrun the bad guy we should get some teeth.

Instead of acting like sheep, we ought to act like men. First, by acknowledging that bad people are in the world. The world is not full of wonderful people that are just turned a little wrong. The world has truly evil people in it that might not accomplish as much evil as Hitler, are the moral equal to him. And second, we need to be able to defend ourselves. That means not relying on others to defend us, but being ready to drive off those that would attack. And it even means we should expect everyone to be able to defend themselves (with perhaps the exception of the elderly and infirm). If we were a nation of warriors, we would be expected to step into the gap when someone does evil and threatens the lives of the innocent around them. Terrorists can “win” only if we allow them to instill terror instead of resolve and determination to stop them.

When evil strikes, it does not do so in front of the police officer (as fine as he might be, he cannot be everywhere). When evil strikes, we might be there, and the only way to stop evil from winning is to have those that are there stop the evil.

Best wishes to all of our NVTH friends for Christmas and the new year.

We need a “meaning of Christmas” post and I have one in the works, but it will have to wait for later in the week; but for now let me just say I am grateful for all of you who frequent this place. We are very fortunate to have such wise and articulate commentors. Thank you for the gifts you give us all year long.

Goodbye Sears


Dear Sears,

Last night I was Christmas shopping in your Dulles Town Center store. While shopping in your store, on two different occasions I was “helped” by store employees that spoke very little, if any English. As it would appear that I am no longer a member of your targeted demographic, I chose to take my business elsewhere, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

During difficult economic times, with many Americans out of work, I find it very difficult to believe you are unable to adequately staff your stores.

Goodbye, and I really will miss your Craftsman tools.