The U.S. Government is reported to have spent $6 billion to get H1N1 vaccinations out to citizens. Is is also reported that U.S. investment may grow by yet another billion or two. Canada is reported to have spent $1.5 billion on H1N1 vaccines.

On November 16, Canada’s chief public health officer said H1N1 is turning out to be much less deadly than seasonal flu, reporting that H1N1 fatalities are significantly less than seasonal flue.

Closer to home, studies here are beginning to confirm what Canada has previously reported :

The theoretical worst case scenarios associated with this year’s H1N1 pandemic taught us not to take influenza for granted. However, a new study suggests the worst case scenario for H1N1 may be only slightly more deadly than a typical outbreak of seasonal flu — and, in a best case scenario, much less.

In the study, published in the Public Library of Science journal, “PLoS Medicine,” researchers analyzed extensive data from outbreaks in Milwaukee and New York from April to July to get a more accurate picture of the risks associated with the virus.
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It seems that Washington has hosed taxpayers yet again. Given the season, I am looking at this news as the Ghost of Christmas Future, and will assume a pre-telling of further hosings by those officials in Washington as they march toward “Health Care Reform”.