One of the few people in Loudoun County who I suspect might be to the “right” of me on public policy issues has announced support for Candace Strother for chairperson of the Loudoun County Republican Committee.

Here is Greg Stone’s message of endorsement of Candace Strother.

Merry Christmas all :

I hope the Holiday Season finds you well.

As many of you know our current Chairman Glenn Caroline, has chosen not to seek re-election. Glen has decided to concentrate more of his time to family, his career and his passion, youth baseball. Although, I am disappointed we will be without Glenn’s leadership, Glenn spending his time on Family, The Cause of Freedom and Youth Sports, is a pretty good set of priorities if you ask me. Glenn was a terrific Chairman of the LCRC. His leadership and laser like focus came at a crucial time in this committees history. His shoes will be hard to fill.

You may also be aware that Candace Strother has stepped up and decided to throw her hat in the ring to be our next Chair. Candace has a broad range of support from LCRC members, Republican Elected Officials to include our current Chairman and much of the LCRC leadership team. I as a member of the committee and in my capacity as the Potomac District Chairman , I wholeheartedly support Candace Strother as our next LCRC Chair. Going back a few years, I have gotten to know and admire Candace Strother. Her intellect, conservative principles and leadership skills equip her well for the task at hand. One only needs to examine Candace’s resume to discover the wide range of experience she brings to the table. It is this experience at the highest levels of past Republican administrations and her work at the Heritage Foundation that will enable her to be principled and disciplined leader.

We live in very uncertain times. A very left of center Democrat party has taken over Washington, negatively effected the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as drive the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors off a cliff. Our County, State and Federal Governments are broke, yet some continue on a reckless path of spending and Government expansion. It is we Conservatives, we Republicans, who must begin to make the needed corrections at all levels of government. That work having already begun with our election victories in November, must continue. In order to sustain and build on that success, we must have effective and focused leadership. That leadership begins here in Loudoun County with Candace Strothers.

I ask you you to join me in supporting Candace Strother as our next LCRC Chair. Please take time to examine Candace’s biography and resume on her new website candace4chair.

I further ask you to reach out to Candace via this site with messages of endorsement or questions pertaining to her take on issues, or her vision for the LCRC moving forward. I promise you will be impressed.

Again, Merry Christmas.

Greg Stone
Potomac District Chairman
Loudoun County Republican Committee