One of the most interesting articles I’ve read recently on terrorism. What is obvious is that those that rule cannot deal with the obvious, but they can put in place rules that will do nothing to prevent bad things from happening. Preventing terror would be a lot easier if precautions were clear and logical. While there are some people that are terrorists that are not part of the Muslim world, and not all Muslims are terrorists, it seems that if you were interested in truly identifying terrorists with a limited amount of expense, then you would profile the most likely candidates and use those profiles for extra scrutiny, not make travel for all individuals more difficult and more restrictive.

The same is true for dealing with gun crimes. The idea that imposing gun restrictions will reduce violent crimes just doesn’t seem to make sense. Even in England, where guns are essentially outlawed, and have been for years now, violence has not decreased but increased. In places where gun control was loosened, there was not an increase in violence and crime, but a decrease. Yet the cry for more gun control, which will be ignored by criminals, is always raised when a high-profile crime occurs.

The real problem is that the sheep have no teeth. For some reason, people think that if the sheep have no teeth, they will be safe. It just isn’t true. With real sheep, the predators know that they will be able to take at least some of the sheep, but the sheep herd in order to make it harder to single one out (like fish in schools) and so that when one falls, the rest can get away. Not unlike the two men in the woods that see a bear and it starts to charge … one stops and quickly puts on running shoes, the other says: “That’s foolish … bears can out run you even if you wear running shoes.” The first replies: “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you.” We are acting like sheep. Instead of running away and hoping we can outrun the bad guy we should get some teeth.

Instead of acting like sheep, we ought to act like men. First, by acknowledging that bad people are in the world. The world is not full of wonderful people that are just turned a little wrong. The world has truly evil people in it that might not accomplish as much evil as Hitler, are the moral equal to him. And second, we need to be able to defend ourselves. That means not relying on others to defend us, but being ready to drive off those that would attack. And it even means we should expect everyone to be able to defend themselves (with perhaps the exception of the elderly and infirm). If we were a nation of warriors, we would be expected to step into the gap when someone does evil and threatens the lives of the innocent around them. Terrorists can “win” only if we allow them to instill terror instead of resolve and determination to stop them.

When evil strikes, it does not do so in front of the police officer (as fine as he might be, he cannot be everywhere). When evil strikes, we might be there, and the only way to stop evil from winning is to have those that are there stop the evil.