This is truly remarkable. Three amazing things happened in a period of 6 minutes.

1. A Democrat is not closing ranks with his fellow Democrat
2. A Democrat from MA recognizes that the money the Federal Government is spending belongs to the American Taxpayer. You know, the American Taxpayer the one who pays the bills a.k.a “those rich people”. He states this repeatedly as well.
3. The Democrat from MA recognizes that the folks at Bear Sterns got a crew cut, but the folks at Goldman Sachs got 100 cents on the dollar. This is typically called “picking winners and losers.” Behavior that any resident of a banana republic would recognize.

The Democrat on the hot seat looks typically impatient and shameless. Remember what ol’ Alinsky said, “The ends justify the means.”

The really amazing thing is that, it took a year for this scandal to finally start coming out. Where was our vaunted fourth estate all this time? The NYT’s is very good at broadcasting documents marked TOP SECRET and in doing so providing aid and comfort to the likes of Al-Qaeda. This whole mess with Goldman Sachs occurred in the New York Time’s back yard. Wall Street is near the Battery, the NYT’s HQ is in Midtown. I guess this story about Geithner: Democrat, Obama minion, former Goldman Sachs employee — is just not fit to print.

Where are the geniuses from MSNBC, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post etc? This is billions of dollars that belong to the taxpayers of the United States. Where did all these journalists spend their time? The answer is they spent their time trying to push the Obama agenda or dumpster diving in Alaska looking to write one more hit piece on Sarah Palin. Then there was the time spent reporting on the non-existent racist attitudes of the Tea Party movement.

MSM has been carrying the water of the Democrat party for a long time now. It would serve the nation, and the Democrat party if MSM would acknowledge its awe inspiring bias. A bias MSM denies; a denial the tax payer laughs at — while they go elsewhere to get their information regarding the state of our media, political parties, economy, nation, and the rest of the world we live in.