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You cannot make this stuff up. Obama is in effect saying, “After we are done trying to buy the next election, we stop sending the electorates money.” OK. No worries. Really. You go right ahead. We believe you. Could you please take the ‘kick me’ sign off my back when you are done.

From the Politico:

Trying to win the votes of fiscal moderates, President Barack Obama formally endorsed legislation Saturday creating an independent commission with the power to force Congress to vote on major deficit reduction steps this year, after the November elections.

This is supposed to add momentum to our sagging economy? The public is rolling it eyes at the President. This act stopped being cute a long time ago. I think the President and his friends, Harry and Nancy need to take a time out and a nap. Seriously. The public is not buying the whole ‘Democrats are fiscally frugal’ shtick. The did for about a month around the election, but that was 16 months ago.

The congress and the White house have become a sort of Socialists Romp-a-room. This is where old hippies, who now wear suits go to ‘stick it to the man’. News flash to the hippies, they are the man. The spending bill enacted last winter is producing jobs, at the rat of some $400 per job. Some $500B remains unspent. A better idea idea would be to give the money back. Reduce the decifict, and lower taxes. Hippies are good for backing hash laced brownies, not economic thinking.

This crowd is even worse than the previous bunch when it comes to treating the voting public like fools. A commission in November to cut spending? The last time the Obama team went through this exercise it was determined that we need a better way to buy office supplies. A better idea is to bring our spending in line with what is permissible under Article 1 sec 8 of the Constitution. I say, “Austerity Now – Death to Earmarks!!”

This is hilarious. The people on MSNBC are so warped, the other libs are starting to make fun of them.

Keith Olbermann is in need of some psychiatric help. “Get a grip” often comes to mind. Stewart is a comedian with a political bent. MSNBC is a joke with a political bent , Kieth is just the straight man.

UPDATE: This is mostly Jon Stewart eviscerating Kieth Olbermann. Eight minutes of Kieth would be the longest day of my life.

The school board doesn’t get it. The BOS doesn’t get it. The liberal spend all citizens don’t get it. Everyone is so worried that our “schools” will be inferior to everyone elses schools so we must spend more and have all the new gadgets, new architecture, new buses, new this and new that. Bullshit!

To all of you lame ass empty headed people out there that subscribe to this tripe I’ll tell you what. If YOU want it then YOU pay for it. You need 3 things for a good education and take one away and you have nothing.

First you need a good teacher about teaching.
Second you need nothing but the truth in subject matter.
Third, and most important, you need a WILLING and RECEPTIVE mind.

With those 3 things you could hold class in a barn, a hospital, an old football stadium or even out in the woods. It ain’t the building or the environment. And if you really want to learn or as parents have your kids educated well, you don’t worry about the transportation issue. Good golly, get a grip!

Think of it this way. Imagine being able to go to trade school FREE with the promise that you could get any job you wanted. No sports schlorships with a risky chance of making it to the big shows. A real career that would be both satisfying and rewarding. Wouldn’t you do whatever it took to make that happen? Then make it happen. We do need common laborers in this country and an education is not necessary. Cut funding, re-use existing buildings standing vacant, pay teachers who want to teach MORE and grade them yearly on their students achievements, and parents; teach your children responsibility. The real world is out there and if they don’t do it on their own, I sure as hell don’t want to do it for them!

End sermon.

Just got a mailer from Patricia Phillips for Senate, She starts out talking about the Ronald Reagan Lecture Series that she has created to promote conservative ideas. Then there is blah, blah, blah until the end where she is requesting money for her run in 2011. After all “I earned 43%of the vote”. She still uses her little road as part of her campaign logo.

Why does she feel that she needs to promote conservative ideas to conservatives? Do you think the liberals care or will get anything from these lectures? Did she have an epiphany and decide it is now better to be a pseudo conservative rather than a RINO? After all, she backed a RINO over a true conservative for the U.S. senate race.

She flipped from a core value of illegal immigration to roads. Everyone promises transportation relief. She lost. I won’t be a sucker again.
Personally, I think the RC can come up with a better and more focused candidate. I don’t think Patricia has what it takes or what we need. I am unwilling to bet this dark horse again. I believe that she is only running because of the political landscape turning more conservative. We have seen this oh so many times with both parties. Let’s stay smart and pick someone with core values that don’t waiver.

While I might want to have a Republican win the senate seats for Virginia as they come up for election, I also want to stop the health care “reform” that is currently the goal of the liberal politicians.

A simple letter sent to all my representatives:

A Republican elected in Mass. Did you get the message, or do you want to brush up your resume?

Stop health care “reform” now.

I think it might be effective if enough people send something that short and “sweet” to their congressmen. What do you think?

Please note, I’m not saying that I don’t want to change the people, I’m saying this can be used as leverage to stop what could be a true disaster in the meantime.

I spent the other night watching the Obama implosion on one of the Obama networks (MSNBC) and in the course noted that MSNBC is unbelievably horrible from a talent perspective, much like the old Air America was: just really sucky television by people who did not belong there, and with commensurately abysmal ratings.

Well it turns out Air America radio has still been on the air – I honestly thought it went out of business when the godawful Al Franken television program got the deep six a couple years ago. But alas, Air America radio has been around, albeit apparently only playing on a few college networks piped into the dorms via the AC circuits:

The news did not come as a total surprise to staffers. The company, which was founded in 2004, has never been on sound financial footing. The company first filed for bankruptcy protection in 2006, but managed to stay on the air at that time.

The fact is, liberals are generally boring as on-air talkers because they tend to be wrong about everything, and consequently it’s tiresome to hear them prattle on because in order to make their points they have to lie. The audience can pick up on this pretty quickly. Thus the atrocious ratings the other cable news networks get compared to Fox. Compared to Fox the other stations are so piss poor in terms of audience they are all like the New Jersey Reds up against the Harlem Globetrotters: They don’t even belong on the same playing field, but we are also happy and amused to see them there.

I hope they don’t all go the way of Air America, but eventually someone is going to tire of losing money so they probably will.

Global warming? Deal with the devil? Lax laws? Too many people masterbating? Whatever it may be, Arnold and California seem to have a never ending string of disasters. We have the illegal disaster; the wildfire disasters; the gang disasters; the earthquake disasters; the homosexual disaster: there isn’t anything under the sun that doesn’t happen to California. And it happens repeatedly. We are now back to global warming disaster-tremendous amounts of rain in a short period of time.

If you have paid attention to weather cycles you will see patterns develope over time. I have lived in California from San Jose on down. The dirt there is crap. It looks like an anemic Johnny Winter. When you add water to it it becomes baby goo. You don’t dare build houses on cliffs, slopes or open areas where the drainage has YOUR name. It deals with something called being aware and responsible. Heck, even the insurance companies hate California. We will pay (ALL of us) for the next disaster declaration by Arnold as we always have. People willingly give monies to countries like Haiti when a disaster strikes. No one could see what befell them. Or Burma and others for that matter. California has set conditions and patterns for disaster and I, personally am tired of rebuild after rebuild after rebuild.

My solution is to let Califoprnia fend for itself. If it can’t handle the cost of disasters then give up the state. We can have these people relocated to, say, northern Mexico and give the land for Navy and Marine use. We need a new bombing/artillary range for the Pacific Fleet to replace the one we lost in Puerto Rico. Or become a sucker and keep giving to the bottomless disaster pit. Hey. Just a thought.