This post at TC morphed into a tableau for Zappa references which got me to thinking: “Hey, I can do that.” Maybe I can’t do much else, but I can definitely do that. So without further ado:

Here is Montana – with more to follow below the fold. Some dandy guitar work here …

Frank never took drugs or alcohol, but came up with stuff that I have yet to encounter a drug that would have allowed me to imagine – case in point: Dinah-Moe Humm (damn Over-Nite Sensation was a great album)

Joe’s Garage (sort of a VERY abbreviated version but very Frank-centric, so that is cool. It’s cool to see Frank.)

Watermelon In Easter Hay – one of the most beautiful songs ever, with Frank as maestro and lead guitar, five years before he died, and very good quality. Put on your headphones and crank it up. Enjoy.

On a lighter note: Bobby Brown

One your mother in law might appreciate – Baby Snakes

Flakes. Heh. This formed my attitude toward marketing from an early age.

Camarillo Brillo and Muffin Man from a 1979 performance, when Frank was still immortal (in my eyes).

Broken Hearts Are For Assholes. This song, more than any other single influence, is probably what got me through high school alive.

Finally, one of the last recorded interviews, a few months before he died, (3 years older than I am now) …

The unsurprisingly inane Today Show Interview – but extremely touching nonetheless, and with an edge when Frank talks about the non-diagnosis of his cancer.

Well, let this be the “finally” part
. Frank on the Steve Allen Show. More here, and here, and here. He started off shaking things up on the big stage.