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Our blogroll, with its breadth and diversity, leaves many readers paralyzed with awe, understandably. To ameliorate this condition, I proffer the following links for your enjoyment and diversion from the stresses of domestic life. Just click, and read.

The Monk foresees King Obama. I foresee the Joker.

TC suspects George Allen may be considering a Senate run. I am inclined to see it as a real possibility. If Barack Obama has managed to revive the Republican Party so quickly, rehabilitating Allen’s public image by 2012 should be a piece of cake.

Linda B. wrote a new post this week!! Another sign of the change of seasons. Seriously, she does a lot of writing in her real life so she can be excused for intermittent blogging. Go read her because everything she writes is good.

Not Larry Sabato links to one of our 2006 photos to make his case. The Cuccinelli obsession is odd, but at least someone still frequents the old blog. I’d hate to see it forgotten.

Eric – he of the life you and I can only imagine – muses about his upcoming travels and his country ham dinner. In related news, I heard a millionaire just won the Powerball lottery.

Eileen is perturbed about Obama’s possible straying from the climate alarmist straight and narrow. She and I don’t agree on much, but her conclusion drilling here ” ain’t never going to happen” is one we share though probably for different reasons.

Is John McCain truly up to his you-know-what in alligators? If one of the gators is his cousin RS, I’d say the answer is yes. If you were not following Stacy’s recent travels, you missed something. Click here and here for starters. If all this compels you to do some good in the world, by all means help pay for the trip.

Vivian says stop the violence lest the genie be released from the bottle. Good observation.

Ed maintains the vigil against Chinese death-merchandise. Buy American. Read MonkeyWatch. Tips to live by.

The subversive project known as Digital Camel continues apace. The good thing is, if they talk about other blogs it is usually NVTH. The bad thing is, they think we are evil. Well, any PR is good PR.

In closing, some good news posted by that remarkably prolific libertarian-type dude. Maybe it is like morning in America again albeit waking up with a hangover.

If there is sufficient room in said dustbin I hope someone will contact me because I have lots of suggestions.

Personal feelings on the United States Postal Service aside – and for those who are wondering, my adventure played out with a bunch of letters neither being delivered nor returned to us, and a number of our accounts going overdue or simply being closed – there must be a general consensus by now that this is an organization that really is not very good.

The Washington Times suggests maybe it is time to call in the dogs:

The post office is projected to bleed $7 billion in red ink this year on top of an existing debt of $13.2 billion, according to the Government Accountability Office. By 2020, the postal system will lose $35 billion every year, and the accumulated debt will reach a staggering $230 billion – all of which will be saddled on taxpayers. In short, the modern successor to the pony express is stampeding toward insolvency.

Like the rest of the federal government, the post office’s fiscal troubles can be directly traced to its unionized bureaucracy. More than 80 percent of the postal budget is devoted to the agency’s 581,070 career employees. Because a mandatory collective bargaining process determines wages, hours worked and workplace conditions, postal employees enjoy benefits even more exorbitant than what other federal employees receive.

If there is a better three-word prescription for failure than “unionized federal employees” someone please let me know.

As I was sitting here this morning, I was wondering if Obamacare provided any coverage for “medical” marijuana, when this came up on my google search :

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is soliciting proposals from qualified organizations having the capability to (1) grow, harvest, analyze, store and distribute GMP grade cannabis (marijuana) on large and small scales; (2) extract cannabis to obtain purified phytocannabinoids including delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC), analyze, and store; (3) prepare marijuana cigarettes and related products; and (4) distribute marijuana, marijuana cigarettes and cannabinoids, and other related products for research and other Government programs upon NIDA authorization.


The government getting into the business of large scale production of marijuana and distribution of joints ? Is the plan to deny medical care to granny and then keep her stoned for the remainder of her days ?

Guess George Soros is buying his way deeper and deeper into our culture…

LCPS is Loudoun County’s largest employer. That is just plain scary. This means the single largest “product” of Loudoun County is the student population. Our productivity goes toward what cannot pay for itself (education needs other income as the source for the money to pay for it). It is no wonder that taxes are high in order to support such a structure. Not only that, but if LCPS is the largest employer, the rest of the county employees must make Loudoun even more government heavy. Government jobs need productive jobs (real productivity jobs, not service jobs) to support them. What industry does Loudoun provide?

We must attract and keep industry to Loudoun. Didn’t anybody study macro economics in school? What do we teach these adults in college these days!

This will be an interesting case to follow, if for no other reason than to find out what really happened. Apparently – from very early reports – a guy in a truck was attempting to merge onto I-95 and a guy in a Jaguar did not make what the truck driver considered adequate room for the truck driver to get onto the highway. So the truck driver proceeded to SMASH INTO the Jaguar numerous times while the two were driving up the highway. Somehow both vehicles ended up on the left shoulder, whereupon the guy in the Jaguar started shooting at the truck with his legally-owned pistol.

You can click here to see what the Jaguar looked like afterwards. The guy driving it had his young daughter in the front seat.

When I first heard about this on the radio, from the way it was reported I thought “there is a guy who should not have a firearm.” You are not supposed to shoot at other vehicles because of highway disputes, you are just supposed to get away from vehicles that are giving you a problem. But seeing the photo of the car has me wondering:

Granted that merge disputes happen all the time, if you were driving on 95 and a truck started purposefully crashing into your car, what would you do?

I am thinking, I would get the hell away from that truck and call 911, probably pulling off to the side of the road to do so. But what if the truck driver pulled over when I pulled over?

There seem to have been eyewitnesses so we will likely get more information as the story unfolds.

Wow. I’ve heard of blatant “vote buying” but this takes the cake. In an article on unions wanting their own bailout (through strong arm tactics against companies and non-labor union employees, Ben Brubeck, a director with the Associated Builders and Contractors (a union group) is quoted as saying “This is incredible when you think about it, after all the promises that were made, we are coming off a pretty unsuccessful year for organized labor … After all the money they invested into electing Obama and the Democratic Congress, you would think they would get something”. While the guy is frustrated about what is happening, remember that unions got a deal with the health care reform bill. They are exempt from the “Cadillac” tax. And Obama just appointed Becker while congress was out.

I doubt the Obama administration will investigate themselves … they don’t go after anyone that helps their cause … there is no justice.

Remember November.

Page 4 of the county budget has the projected student population. (The .pdf is here.) The salient piece is that the projected student population grows to just shy of 80,000 (from the present 60,000) in the next 5 years. This may seem small of me, but I know I will not be teaching class sizes of more than 30. I’ll go back to private industry before that, because I know I just won’t be able to make a difference at that point. Law dictates student/teacher ratios of no more than 21, but that does nothing for the average class size. What also is not taken into account are extremely small classes, or students with special needs that have individual teacher aids assigned (which occurs through federal mandate, and includes federal money).

If we have a 30 percent increase in student population there needs to be an increase in numbers of teachers (that’s the law as it now stands). If cut the pay, and you will lose teachers (I certainly know I cannot afford a pay cut … sorry kids, mom and dad don’t want me teaching). It is well and good that taxes are too high, and that the single largest spend is education, but unless you can come up with a way to stop growth, there is a requirement for more teachers.

And just in case you didn’t know, increase classroom size, and you decrease performance … why do you think home schooling does so well? It isn’t because of “teacher” training, it is directly related to student-”teacher” ratios (even a family with 10 kids has a much lower ratio than a public school). Do you really want to warehouse students?