by jacob
Today Loudoun County is at a crossroads. The people need to make a choice, either they can take back control of their government, or, they can leave it to the fiscally challenged Board of Supervisors (BOS) dominated by liberal Democrats. If the choice is to take back control, then Mark Sell is the man for this job. As a life long Republican Mark has been a campaign volunteer, Precinct Captain, Magisterial District Chair and Party Treasurer. Mark has paid his dues and learned the ropes in multiple campaigns. Mark has learned what needs to be done on the ground, in the trenches, to win elections. In the last election Mark was a deputy for Ken Cuccinelli in his successful campaign to become our Attorney General. The McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli team ran as unapologetic conservatives, and won in a landslide.

Mark plan is to field a full suite of candidates, who will build on this momentum. Candidates who will remember their conservative roots, and that their duty is to the people. Candidates who are also unapologetic about their conservatism. Candidates who know that a government that governs well, governs least. Smaller government demands that the spending must be cut. Mark plan is to field a full slate of fiscal conservatives to oust the big spenders on the BOS in 2011, and engage every constituency in our county. This will require seasoned leadership. It is for this reason I support Mark Sell for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Party and ask you to come out and vote him on March 6th, 2010.

We all have seen our party lose its way in this last decade. The spending excesses of our Republican congress, and our local county elected officials resulted in a Republican Party as a small minority. The party deserved what it got. The party must never again forget its fiscal conservative roots. Small government is good government. If we do not reduce spending we cannot reduce taxes without running even higher deficits. Runaway government spending is the root of our economic woes. Mark will find candidates who understand this, and more importantly, will not forget this.

As a long time grass roots activist in Loudoun County, Mark has worked hard to stop the Meals Tax, the increases in the Sales Tax and on other liberal boondoggles, giving voice to our shared Republican and conservative ideals in the public square speaking before our BOS on many occasions, so that the people of Loudoun will not be saddled with even higher taxes. The People of Loudoun deserve better than what they have been burdened with in past years. Loudoun has the highest tax rate of any county in VA. Loudoun even has highest taxes of any county in the South. We can and must do better. To do so, we must win the BOS. To do that we need a leader who has been there, in good times and in bad, and who knows the ropes. Mark Sell will not need on the job training. He will be ready to lead from day one — Mark knows Loudoun.

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