by Joe

I have possibly one new reason you have not heard so far. I will detail this below – but for starters: To vote for Candace Strother as LCRC Chairperson tomorrow, all you have to do is join me, Linda B, CathyMac, Greg Stone, the Monk, and the current leadership of the undeniably successful Loudoun County Republican Committee, and go to the following location:

When: Saturday, March 6, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Where: Belmont Ridge Middle School (click here for directions)

Show your ID, vote for Candace. It is that simple. Now, here is another reason to do so:

I have now heard from numerous people who are urging me to not vote for Candace Strother, that the key person who has endorsed Candace Strother – current LCRC Chair Glen Caroline – is completely incompetent: Glen Caroline, who took the job of LCRC chairperson when no one else wanted it, and who led the disparate elements of the committee to a united, winning effort in November, 2009; and who won the award as the best unit leader by the state Republican Party in December.

This man – Candace Strother’s opponents keep telling me – supposedly cannot tie his own shoes.

This line of argument has me questioning the veracity and judgment of those telling us not to vote for Candace Strother. It strikes me as borderline unethical to not begin every discussion of Glen Caroline with a THANK YOU for what he accomplished when no one else would even take the job. I happen to like Candace’s opponent a lot, don’t get me wrong, and I have never heard his personal opinion of Glen Caroline – and I forgive my good friends Jacob Ash, Ken Cuccinelli, and others for their difference of opinion. They have obviously not heard the same narrative I have heard, and they are doing what personal loyalty demands which I respect.

But now having heard once more the narrative that the sky is purple, that Glen was a bad leader, I think something is fishy. I think those who are scripting the opposition to Candace Strother are doing so from a position of bad faith. I think it demonstrates a measure of displacement from reality, and when I hear people evangelizing on such a basis I immediately am inclined to do the opposite. I will support whoever wins, but there is a pack of lies going around and I don’t want those spreading it near the controls.

Let’s keep a good thing going here. Join us in voting for Candace tomorrow.