Phil Jones for Herndon Town Council

It is refreshing and inspiring when a citizen-activist decides to throw their hat in the ring. Phil Jones, co-founder of Help Save Herndon, is running for Herndon Town Council in the election which will be held on May 4. Though he modestly describes himself as a “relatively new resident,” Phil has been involved in civic issues in Herndon for nearly ten years.

He became well-known as a result of the immigration enforcement imbroglio in the town (click here for NVTH coverage of Herndon), but in recent years Phil has been a powerful voice on critical issues related to commercial development. Visit the Herndon United Web site for the full background.

With regard to political alliance Phil has not been in 100% lockstep with the current Herndon elected leadership, most of whom he worked hard to elect in the last two cycles. Phil is an independent thinker, and if he is elected the citizens of Herndon will have an advocate on the Council who is thoroughly conservative but committed to evaluating each new issue on its merits. You can’t pigeonhole Phil Jones when it comes to quality of life decisions for the town of Herndon. He is going to vote his conscience rather than any ideology, which in my view is what you want from your local government officials.

Longtime readers here know that my interest in Herndon stems from the fact that I can walk to the Herndon town limits in three minutes, which is roughly 1/5 the time it takes me to drive to Wegmans. What happens in Herndon affects Sterling. Herndon is also the closest municipality to where I live – Leesburg is by comparison a county away – and the good government actions by the Herndon Town Council over the past four years have been a benefit to my neighborhood. When they shut down that day labor center on Sterling Road, just south of my subdivision, they did us all a favor, so the elected officials of Herndon are heroes in my book. As an activist Phil Jones helped make that happen, and I want to see Phil get a chance to have a direct impact on town decisions.

Furthermore, I have seen firsthand the effort Phil has committed to the Herndon community. He is intelligent and extremely articulate, and with the prospect of Metro landing in Herndon in the near future the town needs people like Phil who will pay close attention to the important decisions that must be made. Also, considering all that is happening in our country right now, it seems relevant that Phil Jones is a man of impeccable conservative credentials – just the type of person we need to move into the public policy leadership chain of command.

So my advice to the residents of Herndon, and all of my fellow U.S. citizens, is to please send a message of support to Phil Jones. Go to his Web site and contribute a few bucks (you need to “hover” over the Donate tab to get the “Donate” button).

Fellow conservatives: Phil Jones, like Ken Cuccinelli, is one of our own. Let’s help him out.