Page 4 of the county budget has the projected student population. (The .pdf is here.) The salient piece is that the projected student population grows to just shy of 80,000 (from the present 60,000) in the next 5 years. This may seem small of me, but I know I will not be teaching class sizes of more than 30. I’ll go back to private industry before that, because I know I just won’t be able to make a difference at that point. Law dictates student/teacher ratios of no more than 21, but that does nothing for the average class size. What also is not taken into account are extremely small classes, or students with special needs that have individual teacher aids assigned (which occurs through federal mandate, and includes federal money).

If we have a 30 percent increase in student population there needs to be an increase in numbers of teachers (that’s the law as it now stands). If cut the pay, and you will lose teachers (I certainly know I cannot afford a pay cut … sorry kids, mom and dad don’t want me teaching). It is well and good that taxes are too high, and that the single largest spend is education, but unless you can come up with a way to stop growth, there is a requirement for more teachers.

And just in case you didn’t know, increase classroom size, and you decrease performance … why do you think home schooling does so well? It isn’t because of “teacher” training, it is directly related to student-”teacher” ratios (even a family with 10 kids has a much lower ratio than a public school). Do you really want to warehouse students?