Our blogroll, with its breadth and diversity, leaves many readers paralyzed with awe, understandably. To ameliorate this condition, I proffer the following links for your enjoyment and diversion from the stresses of domestic life. Just click, and read.

The Monk foresees King Obama. I foresee the Joker.

TC suspects George Allen may be considering a Senate run. I am inclined to see it as a real possibility. If Barack Obama has managed to revive the Republican Party so quickly, rehabilitating Allen’s public image by 2012 should be a piece of cake.

Linda B. wrote a new post this week!! Another sign of the change of seasons. Seriously, she does a lot of writing in her real life so she can be excused for intermittent blogging. Go read her because everything she writes is good.

Not Larry Sabato links to one of our 2006 photos to make his case. The Cuccinelli obsession is odd, but at least someone still frequents the old blog. I’d hate to see it forgotten.

Eric – he of the life you and I can only imagine – muses about his upcoming travels and his country ham dinner. In related news, I heard a millionaire just won the Powerball lottery.

Eileen is perturbed about Obama’s possible straying from the climate alarmist straight and narrow. She and I don’t agree on much, but her conclusion drilling here ” ain’t never going to happen” is one we share though probably for different reasons.

Is John McCain truly up to his you-know-what in alligators? If one of the gators is his cousin RS, I’d say the answer is yes. If you were not following Stacy’s recent travels, you missed something. Click here and here for starters. If all this compels you to do some good in the world, by all means help pay for the trip.

Vivian says stop the violence lest the genie be released from the bottle. Good observation.

Ed maintains the vigil against Chinese death-merchandise. Buy American. Read MonkeyWatch. Tips to live by.

The subversive project known as Digital Camel continues apace. The good thing is, if they talk about other blogs it is usually NVTH. The bad thing is, they think we are evil. Well, any PR is good PR.

In closing, some good news posted by that remarkably prolific libertarian-type dude. Maybe it is like morning in America again albeit waking up with a hangover.