No, I still don’t know the Kennedy assassination truth but I got this from a guy who knows a guy that is friends with my sister’s co-worker.  Personally, it has to be true.  This is good stuff!

Harry Reid wanted to get into politics and at the ripe age of 25 he met someone in the Maricon family.  This is a small, ethnic gangster family that said they could help him get started but that he would have to pass initiation to join the family.  Initiation consisted of being castrated and since Harry didn’t know what those things did, he agreed to it.  I know but that isn’t the half of it.  When Obama started dissing Las Vegas, the NY families got highly upset.  They went to poor Harry to get him to have his boy Obama shut up but then realized it to be a lost cause because Harry had no balls!  They in turn went to their pal “Knuckles” Schumer who has been connected all his life, being groomed and all by Jimmy Hoffa.

Now Chuckie started out on the docks and that is where he met Joe Biden.  Back when Biden first started working the docks, Chuck and his friends knew him to be a mouthy sissy.  Everyone brought a lunch pail and they used to take Joe’s and beat him in the head with it-hence the name “Lunch Pail Joe”.  He allowed the moniker because he so wanted to “belong”.  You know the type.  Anyway, over the years of being beat in the head with his lunch pail, the hair follicles on his head stopped growing hair.  Joe is a very vain person and this balding nature was unacceptable.  He went to a hair doctor who told him that all hair follicles above his shoulders were damaged but they could try an experimental procedure (at a discounted rate, of course) that he agreed to.  It worked and the hair plugs removed from his anal area was just enough to cover most of his pate.  The family changed his moniker to “plugs” but Joe still goes by “lunch pail”.

So Schumer goes to “plugs”, I mean Biden and tells Joe that the Family is pissed and are willing to not only spill the beans about the anal hair transplant, but they also have Obama’s original birth certificate from….you ready….Uganda!  It seems that while working as a Peace Corp volunteer, Barry’s mother met Idi Amin and had an affair.  Now Idi doesn’t like loose ends like a bunch of little bastards running around from his loins.  What usually happens is that he kills the women and eats the kids.  He got that from watching the lions daily life on the Nat. Geo channel.  Well, another social worker asked Idi if he could have the white girl of which he promised to marry her; adopt the kid and take them far away.  Idi agreed to this only because his freezer was full and the frozen kids would last him well into the fall.  Biden now knowing this got Obama to lay off Las Vegas and Obama was only to glad to oblige.  I just never knew that about the lions.

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi was raised in Baltimore?  Okay, did you know her dad use to frequent the red light district there (which was many blocks long back in the days) and he always had Nancy in tow?  Listen to this.  It seems that Nancy LIKED going with her dad and she got to know all the regulars….and visiting sailors….in the area.  It seems that blossoming Nancy was also becoming well known and got “invited” to try out the life.  She didn’t want her dad to know so she always told him that she was going “rowing” in the harbor.  Her first time out showed her the wealthy side of the business.  She didn’t much care about the sex part but the green was great.  Needless to say that she would never go with dad anymore to the district but dad kept hearing about “Naughty Nancy” -fortunately  never getting to meet her.  Good thing, I say.

Well dad got the moving itch and decided to uproot to San Fransisco.  Nancy really didn’t want to leave but got a referral and placement at a house in the bay area with a madam called Sally Stanford.  They met and became fast friends.  One day Nancy approached Sally with 2 problems.  The first problem is that some of the men smelled real bad to which her advice was to wear strong perfume-NOT Ode de Toilette.  The second problem was that most the men were ugly.  The advice given her was to close her eyes and that when she reopened them she could imagine that the man was someone else.  I don’t think it ever worked but it looks like the poor girl should practiced a lot.  I don’t think they called her “blinky” back then.  Anyway, things went well; Nancy made piles of money and all was right with the world.

One day Sally came to Nancy and  told her that she wanted to get into politics.  Nancy went to her dad but her dad was unwilling to help (being that Sally was a prostitute and all) but he did give Nancy a name of a person that may help.  That person was Dianne “The Bulldog” Feinstein.  Dianne and Sally made an agreement and Sally became Mayor of Sausalito.  What Sally couldn’t do (like that peanut farmer in Georgia) was to own a whorehouse which would be a conflict of interest.  She sold the house to Nancy and used the sale proceeds to buy a restaurant.  No, I don’t know what they served there.  Meanwhile Nancy made oodles of money but got the itch for politics herself after seeing the success of her former madam.  Just goes to show you what many “friends” and big breasts can get you.  Nancy still owns the house under an LLC (where do you think she got all that money) so that she can still bring home the bacon.  I think that Kevin can attest to the Baltimore lore.

Goodness!  Did you see that?  Everything does come back to Kevin Bacon!  It is amazing what you can learn on a blog site.  Have a foolish day.