Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

I foresee a future – a near future – where at 95% of “news” outlets the only persons with any public credibility whatsoever will be the weather reporters and sports reporters. Television news programs will begin with weather, followed by sports, followed by Hollywood gossip, and then close with the gaggle of propaganda- and rumor-mongers, formerly known as news, now simply called Voices: Dogs have voices, squeaky bicycles have voices, and these folks have voices, and all are about equally worth listening to. When they appear on the screen Americans en masse will change the channel to Fox News.

On a related note, for a stellar example of the doublespeak that passes for reporting on “unemployment” these days, take one of your three allotted visits to the Washington Post Web site this year and check out the lead article, Jobless rate may rise as many are drawn back to labor force:

The increase in jobs highlighted in the nation’s most recent unemployment report carried the sound of economic promise, but Obama administration officials said Sunday that the public shouldn’t expect any dramatic improvement in the jobless rate, largely because of the effect of thousands of “discouraged” unemployed people who have resumed their search for work.

You see, what is reported as the number of “unemployed” counts merely those who are registered with government agencies as seeking work. It does not count the millions of other people who are also out of work at the time. So whenever you see a quantity or percentage figure for “unemployment” you need to mentally add an asterisk which means “this number is actually MUCH higher.”

Read that Washington Post report creative writing exercise and, after marveling at the author’s bold attempt to construe sense out of gobbledygook, you will have a good understanding of why most “news” organizations need to soon go the way of the buggy whip.

UPDATE: Oh, just noticed the chart everyone needs to stick on the refrigerator, also courtesy of a true news organization.

If Americans under the age of thirty had the slightest inkling of what the Obama administration is doing to them, they would be marching on DC with torches and pitchforks.