She shot the guy in a park just before he was to appear in court; her plea deal was announced a couple days ago but so far it has only been covered in the local press. Fortunately, Eugene Delgaudio is picking up where the major media so far have been silent:

He got what Public Advocate calls “immediate victim imposed death penalty”. And we need more of it…

A poll is in progress and in Colorado at least, among 1794 “online votes” voted in the survey question “Should the girl who shot her suspected rapist in Palmer Park go to prison?”

93 per cent think either “probation and counseling are adequate” or “She deserves no punishment at all, not even probation.”

Most sensible people would agree that if every law abiding citizen had the means to protect themselves we would have less violent crime. I think it is also safe to say that if more sexual assault victims carried out acts of vigilante justice on their attackers, we would have less sexual assaults. Arming minors is probably a more controversial matter. But the real story of the Colorado Springs case is the plea bargain and the fact that community opinion was overwhelmingly in favor of the victim.

Argued on legal grounds, vigilante justice is complex and subject to opprobrium from numerous angles – but public sentiment is pretty black and white in favor of it.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Supervisor!