Answer: You damn bethca they are!  It has begun that “PC” or political correctness is now a death thro for Constitutional Americans.  No longer are we going to sit back and be drug through the mud or made to feel guilty about something that is right and is the law.

It appears that Al Sharptounge and Jesse Jackass are fighting a “new” civil rights movement for…..NON U.S. citizens.  The Arizona law to stop suspected illegals and ask for documents is being characterized as terrorism.  Excuse me?  San Francisco wants to break any contracts or ties with Arizona because of this law.  Can you guess who is the most outspoken group againest it?  That’s right-the illegals.  Imagine that.  Problem is, the only people listening are the liberals; who don’t want to lose what they believe to be a new voting base, and those individuals who already hate our laws and want to just give “open arms” to the world….at the cost, of course, of the American citizen.

Now people are oh so worried about violating civil rights-which our current administration gives to the world citizens.  Okay.  I have a solution for that.  I believe that a set amount of police should set-up un-announced vehicle checkpoints every day in different areas of Arizona until further notice.  Now they can check for valid liscense, stickers and green cards.  This is prudent especially when the illegals usually drive around with a full car.  That will decrease the number thru deportation drastically and then they can move on to hospitals and government services.  Crime would abate; money would be saved thru services and English may come back as the primary language.  Then when the protests ramp up, check those in the crowd yelling for their rights, for THEIR I.D.’s!

I can have loads of fun with this because it is long overdue.  I don’t give a crap about WHY illegals are here and the sob stories of their plight in their own countries.  Do it right or get caught and deported.  I’m just glad that Cooch didn’t come up with the idea first on this one.  Not that I don’t want or expect him to jump on this bandwagon.  I just hope that the radicals that protest with the illegals forget THEIR I.D.’s.  Then they can be deported also.  You can never have enough free space in America for American citizens!

You may not agree with me but, heh, it’s a free country.  All I can say is “kiss my ass and go back where you came from”.  Amnesty is not an option here.  “it’s my money and I want it now!”