The Office of the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue is a very competently-managed government agency and we should all be grateful for the work of Commissioner Bob Wertz. As most county residents should know by now the office has implemented a new, online payment system which is saving us money and demonstrates a good grasp of both IT and customer service. On the latter, the aspect that impresses me the most when dealing with his office is one can tell that Bob runs it with sensitivity to the customer’s perspective – as in, “if I were a customer, how would this look and how easily would it work.”

Many of our readers will know that I am not shy when it comes to complaining about badly-managed government organizations and crappy organizations in general, which includes most government agencies I know of. Having run a mid-sized business in Northern VA for the past 10 years, the last five in Loudoun County, I have now had numerous opportunities to deal with the county on matters related to taxes and business licensing, and on a personal level I spent some time a couple years ago researching Loudoun budget issues. Bob Wertz’s office is really good to work with.

Along with most of the county he has reduced the size of his staff through attrition yet over the past couple years has increased the level of service. If that is not the definition of what we want from our government I don’t know what is. Also, in conversation with Bob I have learned that he and I share the exact same philosophies of customer service, limited government and fiscal responsibility, as well as the need to bring more businesses into Loudoun to help right our financial ship.

I know we do a lot of tearing down on this blog, especially when I am the author of the moment, so it seems important to say something positive when someone is doing a good job. We should all be focused on making Loudoun more business-friendly, and I can say for certain our Commissioner of the Revenue is doing his part. Thank you, Mr. Wertz.