Herndon Voters:

Please click here for the 2010 Herndon Sample Ballot which you can use as a guide at the polls tomorrow.

Voting takes place Tuesday, May 4, at the Herndon Community Center from 6 am – 7 pm. Click here for a map to the Community Center.

As last time there is a clear cut group of candidates who will make a strong Town Council.

This includes existing council members Connie Hutchinson, David Kirby, Bill Tirrell, and Charlie Waddell, along with candidates Phil Jones and Carl Silvertsen. Herndon’s outstanding Mayor Steve DeBenedittis is running unopposed.

An opposition group representing the left-liberal values of the previous (pre-2006) town council has been trying for the past two years to create public interest for their slate but was not even able to come up with a candidate for mayor.

Herndon has led the state as a model of good local government for the past 4 years; by voting for the candidates listed above the residents of Herndon can ensure this fortunate state of affairs continues.