No, I am not making this up. Suzanne Reisman, in her article Charitable Giving: What the Studies, Numbers, and Statistics Say, which is a criticism of Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism, by Arthur C. Brooks, claims that liberals are more generous than conservatives because they advocate for higher taxes for “charitable outcomes”:

In order to arrive at [his] conclusion, however, he needed to make the data fit his biased premise: “Government spending is not charity.” Thus, although Merriam Webster’s would argue otherwise, government itself does not provide charity through social programs universally supported by taxes. Brooks maintains that paying taxes to support charity cannot be considered charity, even if some are willing to pay higher taxes to promote charitable outcomes, because taxes are compulsory. Only voluntary acts can be considered charity, which is an insanely narrow premise.

Liberals claim to be willing to pay higher taxes, but they do not do so.

In 2009, the best year available, just over $3 million was donated to pay down the public debt. But according to the article, there are about 30 million “secular liberals” in the United States. So, assuming that the entire $3 million came from those 30 million atheist liberals, that’s a whopping 10 cents from each of them.

Now, President 0bama released his tax filings. In any given year, he contributed some money to charity and deducted the contributions from his income. Why? Do liberals not believe that the government is better equipped to handle big problems than private charities are? Then WHY donate $25 thousand to the Catholic Relief Services, when you can just give that money to the federal government? Compounding that error, Mr. 0bama took the deduction, so the government that he thinks is the solution to all these problems would get even less money. Assuming the 0bama’s are in the 33% tax bracket, they took about $8300 dollars from the more efficient (according to the leftists) government and transferred it to the less efficient Catholic Relief Services.

Vice President Biden did the same thing. Different charities, of course, but the same effect. We can safely bet that almost all leftists do the same thing. They say they are willing to pay higher taxes, but they don’t. They say that the government is more efficient than private charities, but they take money from the government and divert it to those charities.

They are either extremely stupid or they are hypocrites. Probably both.

BTW, in 2009, two congresscritters did contribute to pay down the national debt. However, the money came from their office budgets, which, of course, is part of the reason we have that debt in the first place. As Sauruman said, “Still, a beggar must be grateful, if a thief returns him even a morsel of his own.”