Sen. John Kerry is suffering from a craniorectal inversion. (BTW, Senator, we are still waiting to hear your plan for getting us out of Iraq. Why haven’t you introduced that legislation yet?)

Yes, Sen. Kerry calls people hypocritical if they criticize government spending…

But he said that the D.C.-directed attacks are hypocritical, since many of those attacking Washington spending presumably want to keep their Social Security and Medicare and want Washington to play a big role in the Gulf Oil cleanup. “There’s a huge contradiction on a daily basis,” he said.
U.S. News and World Report; Wed., May 26, 2010

As for Social Security and Medicare, his position is akin to Bernie Madoff’s saying that he did not understand how people could oppose his lavish lifestyle, but still want the money back that they put into his Ponzi scheme. Folks, Social Security and Medicare are Ponzi schemes. (Any CEO that modeled his company retirement plan on Social Security would be put in jail.) Social Security was set up that way for the purpose of making it politically unassailable.

As for wanting the government to take on a greater role in Gulf cleanup efforts, that goes to the general welfare of the States, which is a proper role for the U.S. government in accordance with the Constitution. Sen. Kerry apparently does not make such distinctions. Like most liberals, he either has not read the Constitution, or does not care what it says.