I encourage you all to visit the blog of my friend Nathanael Snow.

We were at the public meeting about the proposed day labor center in Centreville, Virginia.

Nathanael Snow is a rather intense liberal – which those of you who know me know, is how I like them. He made a bit of a name for himself tonight. I had a discussion with Nathan in which I explained the problems we experienced in Sterling from the boarding houses run by landlords renting to illegals, and Nathan asked me – “why don’t you just pay the landlords out of your own pocket so they do not have to rent to illegals?” My response to Nathan was:


I described the problems we had in Sterling with houses converted to industrial complexes.

I told Nathan why this was generally a bad thing. Here is the conversation we had:

Nathan Snow: “I don’t think anyone has a right to feel safe walking down their street.”
Joe Budzinski: “You’re an idiot.”

Here is Nathan at tonight’s public meeting in Centreville, Virginia.

Nathan Snow At Centreville Immigration Forum from Joe Budzinski on Vimeo.

Now Nathan said afterwards:

I made the statement, “I don’t think anyone has a right to feel safe walking down their own street.
First, everyone has a right to protection of person and property. SO, what I am not saying is that “no one has a right to be safe on their own street.” The key to my thought is “feel.”
What makes me feel safe may not be what makes you feel safe. Sam may feel safe knowing that his neighbor Bob owns a 12 gauge shotgun. Bob might not feel safe knowing Sam owns a Bazooka.
But where does the law begin?
How can we know what law should be?

Many people do not feel safe walking on the sidewalk in front of Centreville Library. But the actual number of incidents of physical harm are few and far between. Sure some men make cat-calls at women. That’s uncouth and rude and inappropriate. But it is not illegal.

FYI “Haymarket” in Fairfax County is akin to my friends from Ashburn and Lovettesville who would lecture us in Sterling about neighborhood quality of life issues. I hope Nathan sees the irony.