“NEVER AGAIN!” was the cry after the National Socialist Workers Party was done with its attempt at a final solution to the “Jewish Question” in WWII. The West as a whole vowed to never stand by and allow a new pogrom to reignite. Today the liberals are not standing by. They are actively taking part and assisting the likes of Hezbollah and mad Mullahs of Iran.

Obama and his cabal have treated Israel with contempt, and grovelled before the dictators of the world. A nation has the right to guard its borders. A nation has the right to protect its people. Obama condemned Israel for doing this. Last year over 100 rocket attacks were inflicted upon Israel. These attacks emanated from Gaza and the West bank. These attacks were conducted by Hamas. The Turkish ambassador to the US has said that, “Hamas must be part of the final solution to the Israeli conflict.” This thug is still on our soil?

Imagine if India were to attack Chinese cities on 100 separate occasions. What do you imagine the response would be? Imagine if Buffalo NY, Flint MI, Boston MA, and Seattle WA were subject to weekly rocket fire from Canada. Would our media advocate not only restraint but concession in light of such bombardment? I instead would imagine that such action would be viewed as a casus belli.

Many in the West are echoing the propaganda of the Junta’s of the Middle East. The dictators that rule from Morrocco to Pakistan echo the puerile antisemitism that is common fare of Wahhabi dominated mosques. On college campuses today it is cool to be an anti-Semite. MSM today is slanted towards this warped view. If a second holocaust is to be avoided, good people must stand up in the public square and cry NEVER AGAIN.

UPDATE: Former Clinton spokesman, Joe Lockhart, said: “I hope we are strong enough as a country to sustain voices that are wrong, voices that offend, even voices that incite.” Cry me a river. This yahoo support’s shutting down the voices of descent with the ‘fairness doctrine.’ Great 1984-ism that bill.