Never before released, the Marcela Hoeven bikini photos are causing an uproar throughout the nation.

To cut to the chase: Her father, John Hoeven, is running for Governor of North Dakota, but his daughter looks good in a bikini. And there are photos!


Her dad might be the next governor of North Dakota, but she's wearing a bikini. Deal with it, America.

Beautiful women exposing their bodies is a national crisis. I, for one, am willing to say that I recognize the problem.

No one can possibly know where this will all end, but all I know is if I was a Republican running for office right now I would be hearing footsteps: footsteps of a girl, who is a Republican, who is wearing a bikini, wandering into camera range. One little click and you have a beautiful Republican on the Internet for all the world to see. It brings chills.

UPDATE: Camp of the Saints says it is not a crisis, but just another beautiful Republican woman.

If you want “scandal.” Dave C can tell you about scandal.

Daley Gator is shocked.

Also, The Other McCain has a pretty interesting comment thread going on this topic.