We are evolving into a nation of moochers, a process which has been apace for years but the twist now is we are mooching off of Americans who do not yet pay taxes and in fact have not yet been born. It is happening at the state level – thank goodness, not so much in mine – but it is the federal government we should all be very concerned about right now. The theft taking place under the Democrats, who have controlled Congress since 2007, and President Barack Obama is unprecedented in its scale.

As Smitty notes in one of the best blog posts I’ve seen in weeks:

Remember, this hairball has been a century in the making, and will, at bare minimum, require a decade of your best effort just to get that hydra chopped down to something reasonably un-lethal. Incumbency is the enemy. We The People can either rule, or enjoy slavery.

Go read it all, read it again, and then get your game face on for the campaign season which is about to begin.

Our focus must be 100% on the Democrats in public office who are pushing us further into debt slavery.

Just some recent examples to highlight the absurd level of heedlessness these larcenists are operating at:

- $23 million to promote abortion in Kenya.
- $192 million on signs promoting the utterly failed $797 billion “stimulus” boondoggle.
- $22 million to provide high-tech training … to workers in South Asia.
- And now they are poised to steal billions more to reward reckless borrowers in mortgages they can’t afford. You and your children and grandchildren will be paying the moochers’ bills.

This is all being financed with money our country does not have – debt imposed on future generations.

The federal government is filthy with programs we cannot afford and institutions which never should have existed in the first place. There needs to be a housecleaning of Robespierrian proportions, a slash-and-burn campaign on the federal budget. The federal government is meant to provide national security: Everything else should be on the chopping block. Our rule of thumb going forward should be “take it over and shut it down.”

Those who pay for the government must be in charge of the government. Those people, companies, industries and factions who are financially supported by it will receive only what we decide to give them.

To be sure, it has taken both Democrats and Republicans to get us into this mess. A bipartisan line of personages stretching from decades in the past up to the present day deserve a pox on their houses. We can’t separate all the wheat from the chaff along party lines. So if the Republicans currently holding office and the ones we will be putting in office from 2010 through 2014 do not take immediate action to reverse the criminal direction of the federal government we need to end their political careers with extreme prejudice. But let’s face it, the GOP is our only hope. Republicans certainly contributed to our precarious financial situation but Democrats have taken the theft to an entirely new level and one from which our nation may never be able to recover.

It should be more than evident simply by who brought us Obamacare and who did not which party needs to be chastened and which one needs to be tossed in the dustbin of history.

Anyone with the gall to run for public office under the Democrat party banner must be laughed out of all public forums and if they will not slink from the stage they must be shamed and scorned, because they no longer deserve to show their faces in civil society. This cabal of Democrat office holders is guilty of the attempted murder of American liberty. Their misdeeds must be memorialized in perpetuity so the destructive path of our current federal government is never taken again. Having a “D” after your name should be treated as the equivalent of membership in Cosa Nostra and assigned a similar degree of respect in American public life.

There are many problems facing our country and voters are motivated by different concerns, but the threat which should have our laser focus is the one that is in the process of turning us into a third-world nation over the next 20 years. Debt slavery should have every American’s attention. Those who will do the hard work of liberating us should have our undying support. The primary racketeers – elected Democrats, public employee unions, ACORN spin-offs and all the other leftist organizations – are threats to our nation’s future and should be viewed with all appropriate seriousness.