The contrast between the two viewpoints could not be drawn in a manner any starker. Reagan is the adult in a room full of dimwitted children. “We want what we want, and we want it now”, is an apt summation of the cries of the Democrat Congressmen. Reagan’s counter point, one of personal responsibility could not be more poignant.

The Republicans will win the battle this fall. They will win not because of their brilliance, but because of a nationwide revulsion of the Democrats in power. The question is can the Republicans win the war. The 40% of the country that self identifies as conservative will be watching. If the Republicans revert to their 2006 big government big spender mode – they are finished as a party.

The answer to the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Democrats is not accommodation. Healthcare needs to be repealed. The mountain of deficit spending demands large cuts in spending, not an increase in taxes – we are long past the peak on the Laffer curve. Cap and trade is a job killer as is the recent economic ‘reform’ bill that only increased the level of uncertainty in the market.

Accommodation and compromise are called for when the two parties at the table have some common ground. When the issue on the table is the choice between liberty and servitude, where is there common ground? When the issue is a choice permanent state of national indebtedness and economic freedom, how does one accept servitude? When the choice lies between the US maintaining its hard won sovereignty and the likes of the UN making decisions for us, do we agree to let the likes of Libya, Sudan and China telling us how we are to live?

Reagan did not compromise his principles. He made deals in order to further his agenda and philosophy, and took what he could in the face of a foe who had the media in his pocket. The American people know the difference. We will be watching. The yardstick by which Republican performance will measured is not the sad marker set down by the Teleprompter in Chief. The yardstick will be the one stacked out by legacy of the Great Communicator.