Ted Nugent responds to the mushy GOP Pledge to America with a pledge as hard as his rock-and-roll — The Ted Pledge.

A few particularly good points:

Republicans should then call a news conference and burn the federal tax code on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol and then march right back into the Capitol and pass a Fair Tax. Until then, no taxes should be withheld from our paychecks. Americans should have to pay their taxes once a year so that they can see exactly how much of their income is swallowed up by Fedzilla. The GOP should pledge to move April 15, tax day, to the day before national elections in November. I assure you that would guarantee term limits.

The GOP should pledge that it will never introduce, support or pass a law that punishes the producers and rewards bloodsuckers.

The GOP should pledge to immediately stick a dagger in the heart of the death tax and all corporate taxes. This will free up untold trillions of dollars that can be used to get our economy roaring back to life and put Americans back to work.

Republicans should tell young Americans that Social Security is a Fedzilla financial Ponzi scheme and they will not receive a dime when they retire because Fedzillacrats have stolen all the money in the Social Security Trust Fund. The GOP should pledge to young workers that it will introduce legislation that will protect their IRAs and 401(k) investments from taxation when they retire.

I doubt many will have the cojones.