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As much as the right wants this election to be a referendum on the 0bama Agenda, and the left wants to blame everything on Bush, this election is about Congress, and whether we will have a Democrat-controlled Congress or a Republican-controlled Congress.  So let us look at what happened when the Republicans controlled Congress, and when the Democrats did.

Before the 1994 election, the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives for 40 years — from 1955 through 1994.  As such, they wrote the budgets for FY1956 through FY1995.  The Republicans, then, wrote the budgets for FY1996 through 2008, and then the Democrats again had FY2009 and FY2010.

Let’s start with the budget deficit.  In the 40 years from FY1956 through FY1995, the budget deficit averaged 2.17% of GDP.  When the Republicans wrote the budget, the deficit averaged only 0.81% of GDP.   The last was 1.14%.  Then, the Democrats got back in, and the deficit nearly tripled — to 3.18% of GDP.  In FY08, then did manage to triple the deficit — taking it to 9.91%.  Not satisfied with that post-WWII record, they increased it to 10.64% of GDP in FY10.

In the 40 years of Democrat control of the House, the real (inflation adjusted) GDP per capita increased 2.07% per year.  During the 12 years of Republican control, it increased 2.14% per year.  Obviously, it has gone down since the Democrats took over again — by 0.91% per year on average.

While we’re talking about inflation-adjusted numbers, let’s look at inflation.  The inflation rate during the 40 years of Democrat control averaged 4.11% per year.  During the 12 years of Republican control, it was only 2.17%.  In the last few years, we have had low inflation, only 1.66% on average.

Now, let’s look at real wages.  Democrats have claimed that the workers have suffered under Republicans, so let’s go to the numbers.  In the 40 Democrat years, real wages of production workers went up 1.37% per year, on average.  This compares well with the 0.99% per year for the 12 Republican years.  However, most of that growth came in the first half of the Democrats’ reign.  The previous 12 years of Democrat control saw real wages only go up 0.91% per year.  In fact, the previous 20 years of Democrat control of the House only saw real wages go up 0.95% per year.  The last few years, since the Democrats retook Congress, have, of course, been bad — only 0.58% real wage growth.

Finally, lets look at unemployment.  Over the 40 years of Democrat control of Congress, unemployment averaged 6.0%.  In the 12 Republican years, the average unemployment rate was 5.0%.  Since the Democrats took over, it has averaged 7.4%, having gone from 4.6% in 2006 to 9.6% today.

The choice is clear on Tuesday.  If you want higher budget deficits, lower GDP growth, lower wage growth, higher inflation, and higher unemployment, vote for Democrats.

For those of us who are interested in being armed to do battle in the upcoming budget debates that will be center stage in the 2011 county elections, please explore further and educate yourself on the following.

The Cover Story in today’s Sunday Examiner Washington reads- School spending cut by Counties, outlays per student drop in the area.

Please read the entire article it is a fact based piece laying out the economic realities within the Washington Metro region specific to school spending. The following counties have ALL reduced spending per pupil , Arlington, Alexandria,Montgomery, Fairfax,Princes Georges, Prince William. The only Washington Metro County missing is LOUDOUN ! Loudoun county is bucking a trend spurred on by economic reality. Reduction in tax revenue, joblessness, declining property values and competing economic pressures for scarce resources are recognized by everyone in the region, with the exception of Loudoun County. Our School system , led by Dr. Hatrick and the school board are asking for more money, a larger budget despite these stark economic conditions. If progressive Counties such as Montgomery, PG, Alexandria and Arlington can see the writing on the wall , what does that say for the state of affairs here in Loudoun ? The elected officials on both boards, with the exception of our two Republicans, Loudoun County public school officials led by Dr. Hatrick ,as well as the Loudoun County teachers Union are simply on another planet when it comes to spending on schools.

Here are but a few examples of reductions by surrounding jurisdictions from Fiscal 2009 to 2011( current )

Arlington County ( highest school spending per pupil in the Commonwealth ) from fiscal 2009 to 2011 has cut $ 3,221. per student
Alexandria County – $ 1,473. per student
Montgomery County – $ 681. per student
Fairfax County – $ $956. per student
Prince Georges County- $ 1,413.
Prince William County -$ 1,110.

Why are we not on this list ?
Is the economic reality in Loudoun different than the surrounding region ?
What rational can be used for Loudoun not being on this list in the face of a multi million dollar budget deficit for a THIRD straight budget cycle ?

Folks, we are being both misled and poorly represented on the issues of budgets and spending in Loudoun County. I know many are tired of me beating this drum. However, if we do not get our heads around this thing in a constructive and reformative manner, our budget is going to implode upon itself. At which point, the entire cast of characters will run for the hills while pointing fingers at whomever is left closest to the mess.

This budget and the overwhelming disproportionate amount going to schools effects all other aspects of County Government. Our elected officials and their allies within the school system and county Government are economic illiterates. They are more interested in power and fiefdoms than they are in a well run fair and efficient governmental system based on real needs grounded in facts and data.

When your School system is bucking a trend that even the most progressive counties in the region are being forced to acknowledge and act upon , you know you have a problem. We have a problem, a very big problem and if we grown ups in the room , don’t find a way to put forth a team focused like a laser on this and its connected issues , our county will suffer.

The Republican Congress of the Gingrich Revolution failed on one major point — they allowed Clinton to frame the debate on the budget and to lay the blame for the government shutdown on Congress. This mistake must be avoided by the next Congress, assuming that the Republicans take control in January.

There is a very simple way to avoid this mistake — do not pass an omnibus budget. Instead, fund each agency in individual bills. Start with Defense, then the Courts, then Homeland Security, and move on to the other departments one by one — HUD, Education, HHS, etc. Do not move on until the first three have been passed and signed by Pres. 0bama. For the rest, fund them at lower levels than the Democrats want. If 0bama vetoes them, fine — he’ll shut down the very departments that he wants to protect — the unconstitutional ones.

“I got fired!”  Boo hoo.  Personally, I don’t like the guy for his opposite view because he is so “compasionate” (liberal).  I don’t believe his slip at Political Correctness (PC) should have made him unemployed but what do you expect from liberals.  Juan had to know that NPR was rabid and had set criteria of what to say and do for all occasions.  He told HIS truth (liberals are never sure what the real truth is) and got fired.  Uh, I don’t think so.  He guests on FOX shows and at some times, actually agrees in part with the conservative hosts.  Can’t do that, Juan.  All I can say, if you didn’t know that the snakes you laid with were venomous, are you going to go back and get “bit again” or is this epiphany enough to have you convert?  You’re already too liberal for me.  Good luck, buddy!

New political party, an example of what they call the Long Tail. Click through the link at Hot Air to watch the three video clips. If you are voting in New York state in November, and are on board with the idea that we’d be better off governed by the first 500 names in the phone book than the faculty at Harvard, the you ought to give this party a look. Remember, the rent may be too damn high, but for the office of NY Governor, the bar is not.

I went to the beach house last week for a well deserved break from the Washington metro B.S.  The fishing sucked but the commoradere was grand.  One thing I have always done is to treat guests with respect and kindness; regardless of how I feel or view them.  People who own down there supplement their incomes with rentals and we try to give renters a good experience-regardless if the are assholes.  This is the tale of one such individual.

I struck a conversation with a guy on the pier.  He informed me that he resided in Pennsyl-tucky.  We talked for awhile and I learned that he used to be a cop with the Chicago police force for 16 years.  I asked him if he quit because of politics or having to look “over one’s shoulder” from the people he arrested.  He told me he quit because he was tired of looking over his shoulder within the dept.  It was full of crooked cops and they frown on those others cops that won’t get their hands “dirty” (he told me he was a good and clean cop).  I will attest to the fact that I am a very good judge of people and know when I’m being lied to.  If all else fails, fall back on the Southern axium that “Yankees lie most all the time”.  My instincts don’t fail me and he continued with his story.

He moved away from the corruption to get into graduate school where he got his degree in engineering.  Understand this-he didn’t wear a stripped cap nor did he have a train whistle at the pier.  I told him that he should think about getting into the government whereas he informed me that he got a job as an ICE agent for 2 years now.  I asked him if he was rounding up the illegals but was told that he looks out for “terrorists”.  As a matter of fact, he was going to take vacation when his boss told him to go to a pier on official business to ferret out terrorists (wink, wink).  At this point he informed me, and I quote “those Tea Partiers are the biggest terrorists we face”.  At that point I excused myself to get lunch, just to keep from throwing him over the rail to chase the beer bottle he kicked into the ocean.  I saw him on that pier everyday with fishing poles and casting net, looking for those terrorists.  He never did have anyone to talk to all the time he was there.

This mindset exists in too great of number to just cast aside this voting cycle.  This guy is on the taxpayer doll-looking for terrorists. We must put a stop to these people and get them off our payroll.  Make those who have a government job, do it.  Most of all we must stamp out these lying Yankees in our lifetime.  Get off your asses and go vote conservative.  My sanity is in peril!

To all who are in the midst of a life change, these are worth watching.

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