Following the theme “In Russia, President assassinates YOU”, Loudoun Supervisor Stevens Miller now has a blog.

LI broke this story here and here. Go read the posts and comments at Too Conservative to get caught up on the topic.

Starting up a blog is like starting up a restaurant in that the market is saturated and in order to stand out one really has to commit to a lot of ongoing work. So far, Miller is doing well. On top of that, he now has a vehicle for shooting back at all those who have been taking potshots at him, if that is what he wants to do.

If you search our blog for “Stevens Miller”, you will see we have said some favorable things about the Supervisor, but have also given him substantial reason to view NVTH as an antagonist. If he decides to point his rhetorical AK in our direction, I won’t hold it against him. “Supervisor Fights Back” is an idea I could get behind. Welcome to the scrum, Mr. Miller.

Something you will notice about Supervisor Miller if you get the chance to talk to him is he is not a formulaic, doctrinaire liberal. He is a very sensible guy. Ironically (to me, anyway), he is also incredibly partisan, which seems strange because I think Stevens Miller could easily pass as a Republican. At this point in time I think the chief characteristic of the Democrat Party is they are willing to bankrupt future generations of Americans by spending money we don’t have. I don’t think Stevens Miller is on board with that.

In this post he recognizes the good work of our great Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman but castigates the Republican Supervisors for their fiscal concerns.

I cannot believe that Stevens Miller cannot do the math that would give rise to such fiscal concerns. But reaching across the aisle is not part of Supervisor Miller’s skill set right now. Let’s see how it plays out on his blog, because he is doing a pretty good job as a blogger in giving a window into his personal thought process.