Why else would the State Department, run by Hilary Clinton, not allow the re-importation of M1 Garands and M1 carbines from South Korea?

The M1 Garand, while classified as a main battle rifle, is no more powerful than any other .30-06 rifle, which has been a mainstay of hunters for a century. It only holds eight rounds, and does not even have a detachable magazine.

The M1 carbine, of course, cannot even be used legally for deer hunting in many states — it simply does not have the power.

Furthermore, back in 1939, the Supremes decided that the feral government could ban sawed-off shotguns because they were not military weapons. The M1 and M1 carbine ARE military weapons. So they cannot be banned. So what excuse can there be for not allowing the re-importation of these guns?