As Troll points out in this comment, hypocrisy is not limited to liberals.  At least for the most part, I like to think that conservative hypocrisy is limited to our elected officials, such as Sen. Kyle.  Whether the earmarks that Kyle put in to settle the claims of Indians and Blacks against the federal government are good or not is irrelevant — he went about it in the wrong way.  The ends do not justify the means.

Quite common, of course, are the politicians who say anything to get elected, and do whatever they want one the election is done.  It is very difficult to get incumbents out of office, even when they repeatedly lie in their campaigns.  In our electoral system, a politician may be challenged in a primary, and even if he loses, may run as an independent — as Sens. Lieberman and Murkowski have done.  Rarely do incumbents even face primary challenges, because a primary challenger is going against his own party.  So the incumbents are re-nominated.  In the general election, many people are voting party, not person.  They would rather have their own liar than a liar from the other party.

The solution is the “No Confidence Vote.”  Two months before the general election, every congresscritter should be subject to an up-or-down vote.  If he loses, he cannot run for re-election.  His party can put up another candidate.

This is how we can better hold our elected officials’ accountable for their actions as our representatives.