Frank Wolf at Dennis Husch Campaign Kick Off

Frank Wolf praised Dennis Husch's record on community safety issues

Last night over 50 people braved icy roads to turn out for the McLean, Virginia campaign kick off event for Dennis Husch, candidate for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf introduced Husch as someone whose principles regarding community safety, limited government and sound development policies would be a valuable asset for Fairfax County over the next four years.

Husch is a veteran of eight consecutive terms on the Herndon Town Council, a level of government where he said “things you do really make a difference” to residents, and “being a go to person” was part of the job he found very rewarding.
Dennis Husch Campaign Kick Off January 18, 2011

Husch said he looks forward to applying his commitment to constituent services in the larger context of Fairfax County – a “bigger pool, a larger set of problems” but where the communities want the same things: “Safe, quiet neighborhoods, to maintain our quality of life … and not let government treat you and I like an ATM machine. We need to get value for our dollar; we need to see where it goes.” Regarding property rights and community standards, Husch said “at the end of the day everybody should be able to use their property in the way they want, as long as it does not negatively affect adjacent property owners.”

Dennis Husch campaign kick off January 18, 2011

Over 50 people turned out for the kick off of Dennis Husch's campaign for Fairfax County Supervisor

Those in attendance included numerous elected officials and past and current candidates for office, including Virginia Senate candidates Caren Merrick (in the photo at left) and Spike Williams.

For more information on Supervisor Candidate Dennis Husch and to contribute, click here for his campaign Web site.