Heavy, wet snow fell hard for several hours with periodic wind gusts and followed by a continued light snow storm. You know what that means, right?

Branches weighed down by snow in Sterling, VA

It looks like we may have lost half of our cherry tree, if such a thing is possible. Half is on the ground and would not stand up after I shook off the snow. Our evergreens look ok after some vigorous shaking. (The photo is of our neighbor’s evergreen which leaves tree debris all over our yard throughout the year, so we will just let nature take its course with that one.)

At least we still have power at the moment …


And here is what last night’s scene looks like this morning.

Tree damage from snow storm in Sterling

Our neighbor’s pine will be leaving a few less pine combs and needles on our back yard for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, our cherry tree will probably be leaving a few less cherries as well …

storm damage to cherry tree