Just to let you all know what will be coming about: I fired myself from my job and am now unemployed.  This means I will have more to say and more time to say it (as long as I do my chores before Mama gets home).  My first day has been so busy I lost track of time.  Although I never stopped moving and thought I had accomplished much, looking around, I really can’t see it.  Maybe I’m just doing the wrong things.  Oh well.  Be ready because I have alot of ill will to spread and the only thing that is “civil” to my understanding is the misnomer of the War of Northern Aggression being named “The Civil War”.  Nothing civil about it.  Just like we can’t have a “civil war” with members of Congress.  It’s what you may call an oxymoron (different from the stuff you add to your wash water to get stains out).  I’m truly ready for your barbs and arrows.