The Loudoun Times and Washington Post are reporting the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of one of the people shot during an attempted home invasion robbery in Sterling Park on Thursday, February 10. Both news outlets picked up on the official Loudoun Alert description of the incident as a “botched” home invasion. Here is the text of the Alert:

Loudoun Co: The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of the man who was shot and killed during what is believed to have been a botched home invasion robbery on Thursday night.

Anthony Devoure Miles, a 28-year-old black male, was found at the scene suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Lansdowne, where he was pronounced dead. Miles lived with family in Manassas, though he had lived off and on in the Sterling area over the last few years. Investigators informed his family this afternoon.

The identity of the other injured party has not been released, pending notification of his family. The 32-year-old man is in stable condition at Inova Fairfax Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.

Investigators are still trying to identify the person believed to have driver the surviving party to the hospital. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-1021.

Synopsis: Two guys broke into a house here in the neighborhood where people were at home. One of the residents had a gun and shot both of the intruders, one of whom died on the spot and one of whom made it out of the house and was driven to the hospital, where he likely will be charged in the crime. The Sheriff’s Office believes the intruders were familiar with the home and entered looking for something specific.

Because the invaders a) suffered gun shot wounds; b) apparently did not procure the item they had expected to get from the home; and c) are now in police custody, the incident certainly deserves the official value-laden designation as a “botched” home invasion.

If the invaders had gotten away cleanly with the baseball cards or alpaca knit sweaters or whatever it was they were seeking here, we can assume the official description would have been that a “completely successful” home invasion robbery had taken place in Sterling, for we all would have shouted “Huzzah!”. Had the instigators merely received flesh wounds but still made off with the booty, this undoubtedly would be termed a “thorny, yet satisfying” home invasion robbery which had taken place; and if there had been no gun shots involved but both guys had gotten caught, presumably the official release would have been about a “rib-tickler” home invasion robbery attempt. Home invasion means: getting in, taking care of business, and getting out without getting caught. What idiot does not understand this?

To all potential criminals let it be said that here in Sterling, if you are going to try and invade our homes you had better have your act together because we are not only armed and under the watchful eye of local law enforcement, but we also have a standard for success. And that bar is a high one.