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Leesburg Town Council member Ken Reid has announced his candidacy for Leesburg District seat on the the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

He will be challenging incumbent Kelly Burk, with whom Reid wants to have four one-one-one debates.

Reid had been considering a run for the Loudoun BOS for several months and yesterday’s press release made it official:

Ken Reid and Mike Pence

Leesburg Councilman Ken Reid (l) with Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) at an event in Sterling.

LEESBURG, VA – Leesburg Town Councilmember Kenneth “Ken” Reid today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Leesburg District, saying he is running on the platform of “Proven Leadership with Results.”

Reid noted: “The new Leesburg District will now include the precincts of Balls Bluff, Tolbert, Heritage and Greenway. These areas were previously part of the Catoctin District and had to compete for the attention of their supervisor with rural areas. The other theme of the campaign is – One Leesburg. One Loudoun. One Supervisor.

“The other precincts in the Leesburg District are West Leesburg (voting at Ida Lee Rec Ctr.), East Leesburg (Frances Hazel Reid), Brandon Park (Loudoun County H.S.), Cool Spring and Smarts Mill.

“The residents of these communities have benefited from my work on the Town Council since 2006, as do the residents of the precincts already in the District—West Leesburg, East Leesburg, Dry Mill, Smarts Mill, Brandon Park and Cool Spring,” Reid added.

“I am seeking a seat on the Board of Supervisors to help the town achieve its goals of annexation, ensure it has total say over in-town and out-of-town water and sewer rates, to attract jobs and economic development to Loudoun; to build up our transportation network, including upgrading the Leesburg Bypass to a full- limited access expressway; to preserve the historic charm of the town and Loudoun County; to protect and grow Leesburg Executive Airport; to tackle crime, gangs, illegal immigration and health threats like Lyme disease, improve our education system by emphasizing academics over administration; and reconsider various proposals for expanding the County Government buildings south of Leesburg, including the proposed juvenile detention center.”

“I have the drive, passion and time to do a stellar job for the residents of this wonderful community. I believe the residents of Leesburg deserve hands-on and engaged representation on the Board of Supervisors, where so many decisions are being made that affect our quality of life and local economy.”

Reid also announced a fundraiser May 1, 5-8 pm at the Historic Glenfiddich House on North King Street in Leesburg. Click here to visit his Web site for more information.

Another open thread.

Blog Commenting: It’s More Than Just A Job – It’s A Profession

(Thanks to Linda B. for that exquisite find). Honestly, I hesitated to provide that link for fear the information could send some of our most cherished friends sauntering out to greener pastures. But I am all for making a buck at what one does well, and I know we all hope Wolve sees fit to send an occasional postcard from his yacht.

All I can say is WOW ! What a development in the Sheriffs race. The withdrawl from the Sheriffs race by Mark Davis, and throwing his support behind fellow candidate Verne Dickerson, with a pledge by both men to work together to retake the Sheriffs Office was unexpected, thought provoking, dynamic, and in my opinion a bold and courageous decision by both men.

While we had four capable men running for Sheriff, I was content to wait until the primary process played out. However, last evenings decision by Verne Dickerson and Mark Davis to combine their efforts behind a Dickerson candidacy has drastically changed the dynamic in this race. We will all look back at this decision by these two fine men and their families as the pivotal point in not only the primary, but the general election as well.

It is with that knowledge that I pledge my support to this campaign. I fully endorse the Dickerson For Sheriff Campaign and will do everything in my power to make sure this team prevails. We as Republicans have been handed a gift, we should rally behind and provide support to this campaign. It is the campaign that can WIN !

I am not going to go over the lists of attributes of these two men, I would have to write a book,instead I’ll provide a more general view of my personal impressions; You can and should learn more about them here and here

Verne Dickerson is one of the most decent men I have had the privilege to meet. His commitment to his family, his faith, the Republican Party and conservative principles are unwavering. Verne’s loyalty and level of involvement can not be measured.Like many of you, I am very active politically, spending much of my time at both Republican party and community functions or events. Virtually every event I go to, every meeting I attend, there is Verne Dickerson. If is an LCRC meeting or event, Verne is there. If it is a fundraiser for the party or a candidate, Verne is there with check book in hand. If it is to testify or comment before the Board of Supervisors on an issue or a budget, there is Verne Dickerson making his positions known. Verne’s keen intellect, leadership abilities, experience and dedicated hard work within the LCRC makes for a candidate poised to be our next Sheriff.

It is not Verne Dickerson’s turn to be Sheriff, Verne Dickerson deserves to be Sheriff.

Over the last three months or so, I have gotten to know Mark Davis and his wife Betsy, these are quality people. Mark and Betsy reside in Middleburg where Betsy is the Mayor. Mark is one of the most experienced local Law Enforcement officers in Loudoun County. It is not a stretch to say Mark has done virtually everything there is to do in Law enforcement having worked for the Sheriffs Department for 23 years, and currently serving 6 Years on the Leesburg Police Department. Mark has spent his entire career working for Loudoun Counties 2 largest law enforcement agencies. I have seen Mark in action and watched as he answers citizens questions with ease utilizing his vast institutional knowledge of Loudoun law enforcement, crime trends, and public policy. His willingness to step down in this race and support Verne speaks volumes about his character.

I can not think of another person better suited to provide advice , counsel and leadership to Verne Dickerson.

Friends, these are quality men. Men who have made sacrifices in order to do the right thing by joining forces in order to bring excellence and integrity to the Loudoun County Sheriffs Department. They are serious about this mission and they intend to win. I intend to help them in any way I can.

Democrat Josh Actor has just announced that he will challenge for the office of Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue, currently held by Bob Wertz.

More information about Bob Wertz can be found here and here.

More information about Josh Actor can be found here.

According to his personal/campaign Web site, Mr. Wertz has held the office of Commissioner of the Revenue of Loudoun County since 2003.

According to his personal/campaign Facebook page, Mr. Actor says “Right here, right now, I am going to change the way Personal Property taxes are estimated, calculated, collected, etc.”

[NOTE: You must be logged in to Facebook to see Mr. Actor's page. For those without Facebook access, click here to see a screenshot of the top portion of Mr. Actor's campaign page, and click here to see the bottom part.]

Mr. Actor also identifies the office he is seeking as Commissioner of the Revenues, plural, rather than the office as it is currently configured, Commissioner of the Revenue (singular), signaling perhaps an intention of widening its scope.

We look forward to a spirited and substantive contest between Mr. Wertz and Mr. Actor.

Bob Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue

Bob Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue

Josh Actor, Democratic Candidate for Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenues

Josh Actor is the Democratic candidate for Commissioner of the Revenues

We’ll try this a few times to see if it fills a need. Anything goes, no topic or rant will be ruled out of order.

Stand on ‘em if you got ‘em (soapboxes, that is).

Starter topic: Linda B. says I clearly do not get the concept of Ladies Night. I just think I must be going to the wrong Sunoco stations.

Suzanne Volpe officially declares candidacy for supervisor: “I will hold the bureaucrats’ feet to the fire .. I will be working to do the right thing for you and I will let the chips fall where they may.”

Tag Greason: “I have decided to move and run against Suzanne Volpe.”

- redistricting maps will be released tomorrow … Loudoun will pick up 2 more delegates.

Matt Letourneau Is running for supervisor of Dean district. Instead of burying the name of our airport we should be using it to attract businesses.

Shawn Williams running for Broad Run supervisor: BOS needs to set a budget we can afford and the school board needs to live within that budget…We need to unite and we need to work together as a party.

Mark Davis withdraws from sheriff race: “sometimes we come to a fork in the road … We have too many sheriff candidates in this election… I am endorsing Verne Dickerson for sheriff … He is the most qualified candidate…we will run a positive campaign and will not tear down our fellow Republicans.”

Verne Dickerson: “we will work to restore honor to the Sheriff’s Office.” [UPDATE: Here is the announcement at Verne Dickerson's Web site.]

Mike Chapman: has conducted numerous listening and speaking engagements throughout the county … “We need to have a broader vision to address the challenges of the 21st century.”

Ron Speakman: researched his proposal on self deportation for criminal aliens and has received support from authorities from around Virginia.

Geary Higgins: “we can’t raise taxes in this economy”

Ralph Buona: “we have a great field of candidates developing from within the LCRC … We are going to get 8 more people up there with you, Eugene.”

Janet Clarke: campaign kick off event this Saturday evening at Notaviva Vineyards in Purcellville.

Jim Plowman: will run a positive campaign focusing on issues.

I use to own my own cleaning business.  We’re talking razor blades for oven bake and teethbrushes for cleaning cracks and door slides.  Many of my cleaning tricks came from older women who didn’t mind the time and work to make things “clean” (my grandmother was one of these anal people).  I don’t mind the elbow grease needed to do a good job but I am always on the lookout for better products to ease my work and cut down my time.  After all, I’m not the spry youngster I use to be.  I try every new product to find its “worth” and what jobs it is best at.  Some products shouldn’t be on the shelf unless you want to use it to poison your animals or kids.

I decided to try this product called the SWIFFER DUSTER.  I don’t like dust mops because they only transfer the dust and they always do a lousy job.  Needless to say, I always wipe everything with a solution to get the dust, wipe any fingerprints and, if wood, condition the wood without leaving streaks.  This is a tiring process as ordinary dusting is sometimes all that is necessary.  This Swiffer WORKS and works well.  I scoured the box and found on the bottom that it has the Good Housekeeping seal.  What a time saver.  I now have more time for eating bon-bons and cleaning my guns.  I highly recommend this product for your dusting needs.

Men:  If you want to score points with Mama, next time you buy her the super hot defense ammo for her gun or a gun hide-away purse, pick up a box of these dusters at your local grocery store and use them.  The love lavished by her upon you will be well worth it and those kitchen passes will come without compromise.  Do yourself and her a favor.  Old ACT wouldn’t steer you wrong.  Happy dusting!