The email press release below just arrived from the Mark Davis For Loudoun County Sheriff campaign, apparently as a joint effort with the Verne Dickerson campaign.

While the press release gives no details of any “filth” or “slander and attacks” that may have given rise to the statement, there was an instance at the recent Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting in which Mr. Dickerson took issue with a direct mail piece that had been circulated in late February. That same controversy could be the reason for this joint statement.

If there are any public statements on this matter from either of the other Loudoun County Sheriff campaigns – of Mike Chapman and Ron Speakman – they will be reprinted here at NVTH.

Davis and Dickerson Call For Civility in the Republican Nomination Process for Sheriff

Middleburg, Virginia — March 8, 2011 – Republican Sheriff’s candidates Mark Davis and Verne Dickerson have made a public pledge to run clean, positive campaigns in the race to be the next Sheriff of Loudoun County. In a joint statement, the candidates committed to providing the citizens with the information needed to make an informed decision on Election Day without the filth.

“When the Republican candidates met in January, we made a pledge to keep our campaigns positive. Today the campaigns of Mark Davis and Verne Dickerson reaffirm that commitment.

The people of Loudoun County know that the Sheriff’s Office needs a change. We believe that the decision to elect the next Sheriff of Loudoun County is too important to allow slander and attacks to muddle the race.

We stand together to reject the type of negative campaigning that divides fellow Republicans and demoralizes the electorate. Instead, we promise to run clean, constructive campaigns that focus on the important issues. Our campaigns will feature our backgrounds, experiences and visions for the future of the Sheriff’s Office. We will challenge each other fairly and with respect.

By running positive campaigns, we will keep the focus on repealing and replacing the incumbent Sheriff and ensuring a Republican victory in November.”

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Davis Campaign: Caleb Weitz 703-408-5043
Dickerson Campaign: David Wachsman 703-828-7549